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A heroin epidemic is sweeping across the nation. For many, a heroin rehab in Oregon is the only pathway out of addiction. There are a variety of program types and treatment settings available for you when you’re ready to end your heroin addiction. In rehab, you can start the happier, healthier lifestyle you crave so much.

Heroin Rehab Is the Best Way Out of Addiction

Group therapy at our heroin rehab in OregonMany people struggle with the decision to enter heroin rehab. They fear going through treatment and giving up their addiction. Many people don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, but with the right rehab center, it’s closer than they give it credit for.

Rehab for heroin is effective. Today’s methods include a variety of therapies that work when clients do their part. Therapy focuses on you, your life and your addiction. In therapy, you can work through problems and learn how to be healthier in your thoughts, actions and behaviors for the future.

Another fear people have when it comes to rehab is being thrown into a one-size-fits-all program. Quality rehab facilities work with you as an individual to build a treatment plan that meets your unique needs. Your treatment plan forms the pathway to healthy sobriety. Together with your addiction specialists and counselors, you’ll form your own unique journey to a healthy life in sobriety.

In rehab, you’re not alone. You may feel alone in your decision to go into rehab, especially if you’ve damaged your relationships as a result of your drug use. However, once you enter the facility, people who understand your journey will surround you with support. Further, you can start working on those damaged relationships through the support of your peers.

Partial Hospitalization Program vs. Outpatient Heroin Rehab in Oregon

When choosing the right treatment center for your needs, you’ll primarily be choosing between partial hospitalization programs and outpatient rehab. Your insurance company may influence your decision. Additionally, your initial addiction assessment may also contribute to the decision-making. Your specific needs will be yours alone and your heroin rehab facility will guide you to the right choice for your best chance of lasting recovery.

Outpatient rehabs vary a great deal from program to program. However, most of these programs provide a foundation of educational sessions, group therapy, individual counseling and other types of treatment. They do vary in degrees of intensity in weekly scheduling, though.

A partial hospitalization program is time intensive. You live at a facility among peers in recovery while going through daily programs. Because heroin addiction is so difficult to overcome, many heroin clients enter partial hospitalization. This program offers most people the best chance of lasting sobriety.

Benefits of a partial hospitalization program tend to outweigh the inconvenience of being away from home for a long period. This is particularly true for people working to overcome heroin addiction. Because of the nature of heroin, you need strong support and guidance during early recovery. A partial hospitalization program provides that support and keeps you safe from relapse 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Adults in the Pacific Northwest can successfully end their heroin addiction at Crestview Recovery in Portland, Oregon. Crestview Recovery is convenient to Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana clients seeking extended treatment with unique amenities like whitewater rafting, skiing and snowboarding. Programs at Crestview Recovery include:

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