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What Does a Sober Mentor Do and How Can I Find One?

Recovery from addiction is a challenging journey that often requires ongoing support and guidance. While support groups can be a great source of support and guidance, it is not the only way to access support in recovery.

In fact, many people also enlist the services of a sober mentor to help guide them in their recovery process. What exactly is a sober mentor though you may ask? Discover valuable insights about sober mentors, including what they entail, where to find support, and how Crestview Recovery can assist in sustaining your recovery journey post-rehab.

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What To Expect From Drug Rehab Centers

A drug rehab center in Portland plays a critical role in your recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. To ensure your best chance of staying sober, you need to find the right type of program for you. To do this, you’ll need to seek a rehab offering therapies you’ll benefit from, as well as one…

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Finding an Addiction Aftercare Program in Portland, OR

Addiction is a mental health disease. In fact, it is entirely treatable through a combination of behavioral and holistic therapies and medication-assisted treatment in a residential or outpatient setting. Once treatment is ended, clients can continue their recovery through an addiction aftercare program in Portland. This program can reduce the risk of relapse, which is…

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Yoga Therapy in Addiction Treatment

There are numerous treatment methods for substance use and addiction. Most rehab centers use traditional methods. However, more are starting to use alternative and holistic therapies to complement those methods. These therapies provide individuals who want to recover with the tools that they need to achieve and maintain recovery. Take a look at what yoga…

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Inpatient Drug Rehab Center in Portland, Oregon

Before choosing a treatment facility, you should research different levels of care. Medical professionals generally recommend inpatient rehab for most individuals, for a variety of good reasons, including: A history of chronic relapses A risky home environment or social circle Issues with mental health Each one of these factors plays a major role in whether…

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Dealing with Insomnia During Recovery

Being unable to sleep is one of the most frustrating dilemmas faced by people in early recovery. People who have become reliant on drugs and alcohol to fall asleep often find that sleep is impossible. Whether you are in a residential treatment center or even outpatient drug addiction therapy, insomnia is one of the main difficulties…