A woman asking many addiction FAQsAddiction treatment is a big step. It’s important to have the right information before making a decision. It’s good idea to know more about Crestview Recovery and the addiction treatment process in general. Below are some of the most commonly asked addiction FAQs:

Can addiction be cured?

There is no actual “cure” for addiction. However, addiction can be successfully managed and treated. Our treatment programs are designed to help clients establish lifelong recovery and prevent relapse. With ongoing support, many people are able to stop using drugs and alcohol and regain control of their lives.

How long is your treatment program?

We refrain from making recommendations on the duration of your stay until after a thorough assessment has been conducted. At Crestview Recovery, we value flexibility in the length of treatment offered, tailoring our programs to suit your specific requirements. While we typically suggest a minimum of 90 days for our residential treatment program, we understand that individual circumstances vary. The initial 90-day recommendation may appear extensive, yet as you settle into our environment and connect with fellow residents, this duration will likely feel more manageable. Recognizing that addiction doesn’t develop overnight and therefore cannot be resolved hastily, we provide a range of stay options tailored to address your unique treatment needs.

How do I contact a loved one who is enrolled at Crestview Recovery?

What sets Crestview Recovery apart from other drug and alcohol rehab centers, is that while there is limited phone use at the beginning of treatment, clients can then contact their loved ones when they want to connect during their time in treatment. If your loved one has a cell phone, you can call them at your convenience during your stay. We recommend limiting phone calls during the workday because clients will be busy attending classes, workshops, therapy, and presentations during their healing process. We also have an on-site administrator available 24 hours a day to take messages and help you stay connected to your loved one in treatment.

What insurance do you take?

Among addiction FAQs, this is one of the most common. We work with most major insurance providers, including but not limited to Moda Health, to streamline the admissions process and get clients the help they need. Contact our admissions team today by calling 866.262.0531 to verify your insurance coverage for addiction treatment.

Do you accept OHP?

Unfortunately, we do not accept the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) at this time. However, we remain committed to helping anyone seeking treatment find the care they need.

Where is your treatment center located?

Our drug rehab center is located on SE Belmont Street in Portland, Oregon between SE 60th and SE 61st, positioned close to Mount Tabor Park.

How much does treatment cost?

The cost of your treatment will vary depending on the level of care you need, your length of stay, the addiction treatment program you are enrolled in, and your insurance coverage. To understand the cost of treatment, call our admissions team at 866.262.0531 to get more information on the following treatment programs:

Will insurance cover my treatment costs?

This is one of the most common addiction FAQs. Insurance plans vary widely, so it’s best to contact your insurance provider directly to verify your coverage for addiction treatment. Most major insurance plans cover at least part of the costs of addiction treatment. Our admissions team can help you understand your coverage and the costs you will be responsible for, if any.

How do I know which program is right for me?

The highest level of care offered at Crestview Recovery is our residential treatment program. This program provides on-campus lodging, meals, therapy, supervision, and treatment. Our residential program offers individualized care, a low staff-to-client ratio, and treatment methods that actually work.

For patients who have recently completed detox or who have additional health concerns, a partial hospitalization program will ensure that they are safe and medically monitored. People with strict employment obligations will find that our intensive outpatient program (IOP) is a convenient and flexible addiction treatment program. Clients attend treatment during the day and return home in the evenings. Clients in our IOP should already have a solid support system in place and be able to maintain periods of sobriety.

What can I bring with me to treatment?

This is a very popular question among addiction FAQs. Please bring at least one week’s worth of weather-appropriate clothing, prescription medications, insurance information, and basic toiletries (nothing containing alcohol or narcotics). Cigarettes and e-cigs are allowed, but products must be sealed in their original containers. You do not need to bring over-the-counter medications, hand sanitizer, food, or drinks, as most of what you need will be provided on-site. If you have special circumstances, please give us a call at 866.262.0531 before you arrive so we can make arrangements.

How quickly can I get a bed?

Our Portland alcohol and drug treatment center offers 24-hour admissions screenings. Please call 866.262.0531 to determine our immediate availability based on an assessment of your needs.

Do you offer detox?

We don’t offer detox at our drug and alcohol rehab center, but we will work with you to help you find a medical detox center that meets your needs. Once you complete detox, you will be admitted to our treatment program. Crestview Recovery’s team of addiction treatment professionals provide ongoing support to help you transition from detox into a comprehensive treatment program.