girl on a residential rehab

Residential Rehab: A Lifeline for Recovery

The impact that alcohol has on a person’s body and mind should not be understated. Whether it’s kidney failure or cognitive impairment, the body (and mind) keep score. As time goes on, the human body ages; what once came easy for the body to tackle and filter out is not as simple anymore. As people age past their prime, it becomes more difficult for the body to function properly (or at peak performance).

how long does methadone stay in urine

How Long Does Methadone Stay in Your System?

Methadone, a long-acting synthetic opioid, is commonly used to treat opioid addiction and chronic pain. However, its use can raise concerns about detection in drug tests, potential withdrawal symptoms, and legal implications. So, how long does methadone stay in your system, and what factors may influence its presence in drug tests?

Negative influences in recovery

How to Deal With Negative Influences in Recovery

One of the most important factors for a positive addiction recovery experience is removing and reducing negative influences. Simply put, you need to create a new you, and doing so should involve the cultivation of more positive influences than may have existed before. This is necessary for the recovery process. Examples of Negative Influences in…

Man in a drug rehab program

What to Look for in a Drug Rehab Program

Drug addiction is a serious mental health illness that requires a unique approach to successfully treat the addiction and its underlying causes. An accredited drug rehab program uses evidence-based therapy techniques and medication to minimize withdrawal symptoms. In fact, drug rehab programs are the safest way to get through the painful and sometimes deadly withdrawal…

Patient in a relapse prevention program

How To Stick To a Relapse Prevention Program

At Crestview Recovery in Oregon, we provide tools for our clients to succeed during and after our addiction recovery program. A relapse prevention plan outlines your triggers and ideas on how to avoid them. It also contains practical ways to overcome cravings to prevent relapse. Below, find examples of triggers and strategies to overcome them that…

What Rehab Centers Can Offer You

What Rehab Centers Can Offer You

There are several routes to sobriety, and all patients have to sit down and decide on the best path to their recovery. Trying to recover on your own can be difficult, and, depending on the type of addiction, nearly impossible. In a number of situations, doing it yourself is a clear path to relapse. When…

Defining Substance Dependence

Defining Substance Dependence

What does it mean to have an addiction? When is it obvious? What signs should I be looking for? Is it serious? Should I be worried that I have an addiction? There are plenty of opinions and assumptions that people have about substance dependence. Some of them are correct. All too often, however, they are…