While our partial hospitalization program has proven to be beneficial for individuals seeking treatment, Crestview Recovery realizes that this may not be a realistic option for some. Employment and family obligations might create inflexible schedules, making it impossible to stay away from home for treatment. However, lacking flexibility shouldn’t impact you or your loved one’s ability to seek recovery. That’s why we offer a high-quality intensive outpatient program for substance abuse.

Partial Hospitalization vs. Intensive Outpatient Program

man reading newspaper on couch - intensive outpatient programWith PHP treatment at Crestview Recovery, patients stay in a sober home for up to 90 days as they attend individual and group therapy, learn effective coping strategies and focus on holistic recovery. However, because patients aren’t able to go to their homes in the evening, it requires a greater time commitment. You’ll be away from your job and family during the treatment process.

We designed our intensive outpatient program in Portland to provide an alternative means of receiving help without sacrificing quality. Our intensive outpatient program, or IOP, still offers the same therapeutic benefits, allowing patients to still receive treatment as they tend to their everyday lives.

Therapies Offered as Part of an Intensive Outpatient Program

At Crestview Recovery, our therapists are well-versed in many different therapeutic modalities. We combine evidence-based and experiential therapies to ensure patients get the most out of their intensive outpatient treatment.

Our addiction treatment programs in Portland include the following therapies:

Using Your Health Insurance to Pay for Intensive Outpatient Treatment

While insurance policies and plans vary, the Affordable Care Act ensures that individuals seeking addiction treatment qualify for at least partial coverage. The medical field identifies addiction is a legitimate mental illness and, in most cases, a pre-existing condition. For those reasons, health insurance companies can’t deny you or a loved one coverage for the addiction treatment you desperately need.

Embrace Sobriety and Change at Crestview Recovery

For those struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, Crestview Recovery provides hope. Our intensive outpatient program for substance abuse is just one of the options we offer to promote behavioral change. Call us today at (866) 262–0531 to learn more.