Rehab centers offer numerous programs, but many people don’t understand the service that they provide. One such example is a sober living program. This aftercare service is an important part of rehab, yet some people haven’t even heard of it. Understanding sober living is essential to getting the most out of rehab.

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What Is a Sober Living Program?

Sober living program in PortlandIn a sober living situation, individuals live with others in recovery in a sober home. These facilities host individuals who are on their last steps to drug recovery. Typically, rehab centers run them on or near their facilities and closely monitor activities.

In a sober living program, people learn how to live normal, sober lives. These houses don’t permit any substances that have the potential for abuse. For example, no alcohol, drugs or cigarettes can enter a sober house. If someone relapses, they usually have to leave the sober living program.

The goal of a sober living program is to help individuals become more responsible and accountable. They also help people learn how to live a healthy and drug-free lifestyle.

There are several types of sober living programs, but most of them have similar rules and structure. In general, sober living programs:

  • Provide a safe and structured environment for people in recovery
  • Have rules that prohibit drugs, alcohol and cigarettes
  • Require residents to participate in household chores
  • Encourage residents to find a job or go to school
  • Require residents to attend therapy and support group meetings
  • Help residents transition back into society

Sober living programs usually last for six to 12 months, but some people stay in them for longer. After completing a sober living program, most people move into their own apartments or houses.

What Skills Do People Learn From Staying in a Sober House?

A sober living program helps people learn how to re-enter society. While drug rehab helps them control their cravings and spot triggers, sober living teaches life skills. These programs typically teach people about paying bills, doing chores and going shopping. While these skills seem ordinary to some people, they’re crucial for people who are just getting over drug abuse.

Sober living also teaches people about the fun of non-drug activities and events. Many people find new hobbies to get into while they live in sober houses. These new hobbies help them stay drug-free when they return to life at home.

Benefits of Sober Living

Sober living provides a traditional living experience. People consider it as a way to bridge the gap between rehab and returning home. Sober houses provide much more freedom than core rehab programs.

One benefit of a sober house is that it provides an environment to help people focus completely on recovery. In this environment, they’re surrounded with like-minded people who provide a great support system. In some cases, they form lifelong friendships that last far beyond the sober house.

Most of the time, a sober living program uses the 12-step rehab model as a guideline. The 12-step program is an evidence-based model that helps people not only overcome addiction but also rebuild relationships.

In addition, sober houses give people rules and structure to keep them in line as they experience new freedoms. Sober houses typically have periodic drug testing and still require attendance at rehab meetings. People who break the rules must leave the sober house so that they don’t trigger relapse in others.

Crestview Recovery Offers Sober Living in Portland, Oregon

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