Individualized Addiction Treatment

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Everyone who needs addiction recovery requires a different level of care. This all depends on the severity of their addiction. Some individuals are able to start at an outpatient drug rehab center. However, for those who still need a strong level of supervision but do not need to be monitored 24/7, they may need a partial hospitalization program.

Addiction does not have to take over your life. Crestview’s PHP can help.

Who Benefits From a Partial Hospitalization Program?

partial hospitalization program php portland, oregonMany people who struggle with addiction are able to find themselves as they work through Crestview’s Portland drug treatment program. An addiction is a serious condition that makes a person use drugs or alcohol, despite harmful consequences. Even though an individual may try to stop using, they cannot quit on their own. Crestview Recovery is here to help provide you with a treatment program that can help you beat addiction and live a healthy life. We offer many different programs such as alcohol addiction rehab and drug addiction rehab.

What Counts as an Addiction

People who struggle with addiction show a variety of symptoms. These symptoms include:

  • Taking large amounts of drugs or alcohol for a long period of time
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Trying to quit but not being able to
  • Developing a tolerance for the drug
  • Spending a significant amount of time getting drugs or alcohol, using them, or recovering from them
  • Continuing to use substances even though you know that they cause harm
  • Getting cravings
  • Repeatedly using drugs or alcohol in dangerous situations
  • Failing to complete school, work, or home obligations due to drug or alcohol use
  • Giving up important activities in order to use substances
  • Continuing to use substances even though it has caused issues 

Different Levels of Addiction

If you suffer from two or three of these symptoms, you may have a mild disorder of drug or alcohol abuse. If you suffer from four or five of these symptoms, you are struggling with a moderate addiction. Additionally, if you suffer for six or more of these criteria, it is likely that you have a severe dependency on drugs or alcohol. Although recovery may seem impossible, at Crestview, we take pride in watching people discover their own power.

No matter how severe your substance use disorder is, you should seek substance abuse treatment as soon as possible. It is easier to treat a mild dependency than it is to treat a severe disorder. Additionally, a severe addiction indicates that your health may be at risk.

How Does a Partial Hospitalization Program Work?

Benefits of a PHP Treatment Program

Every treatment program has its benefits. However, there are many advantages to a PHP treatment program. For example, you get the benefits of both individual and group therapy. During individual counseling, you and a counselor will sit down one on one. Then, you will talk about how to process the emotions you may be experiencing during recovery. This process is helpful in determining how you feel about the recovery process. Additionally, it helps you create healthy coping methods during recovery.

During group therapy, you can listen to other people share their experiences and share your own. This process allows you to learn from other people and helps you create friendships.

Moreover, you can participate in other therapy options, such as:

How Crestview Recovery Can Help

We offer a variety of other therapeutic options that could assist you in overcoming your addiction. These include:

To learn more about these programs, call Crestview Recovery today at 866.262.0531.

More than 18.9 million people need substance abuse treatment but do not receive it.

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“Crestview went above and beyond to help me navigate the addiction treatment maze — even offering other programs to that ensure my daughter would access treatment after detox. Thankfully, she was able to enter treatment the day before Thanksgiving, and while there, received a personalized treatment program that addressed substance abuse, mental health, trauma history, and family system issues. She had access to a clean/safe women’s residence, medication-assisted treatment, individual and group therapy, community-based providers, recovery activities, skill-building, and case management. *Most importantly, the intake and clinical staff at Crestview cared deeply about her — she was not simply another client moving through the system. Bottom line: I would recommend Crestview to friends and family without hesitation.”

– MM

How Individuals Benefit from a Partial Hospitalization Program

Individuals should enroll in a partial hospitalization program for one of two reasons:

  • Structure and supervision
  • You are not quite ready for life in outpatient yet

A Portland PHP is often beneficial because it is less intense than an inpatient program. It allows those in recovery to attend to their home and work lives while still getting the structured help that they need. Individuals who choose this option attend treatment five days a week for at least eight hours. During this time, they learn helpful tools and coping methods to help them overcome addiction. Additionally, you can also attend school or work if you need to. You are also around family members who want to help and encourage you in your sobriety.

At Crestview Recovery, we want to see you succeed in sobriety. You’ll never have to decide on which treatment program is best for you alone. Whether you need a partial hospitalization program in Portland or a different level of care, start your recovery journey by speaking to an expert who can point you in the right direction. Call 866.262.0531 today.