woman laughing with medical professional at Partial Hospitalization Program centerEveryone seeking addiction recovery benefits from different levels of care. Some beginning the recovery process do best when they can step down from inpatient recovery to outpatient. Depending on the severity of their addiction, others are able to start at a lower level of care. For those who still need a strong level of supervision, but don’t necessarily need to be monitored 24/7, a partial hospitalization program may be the answer.

How Does a Partial Hospitalization Program Work?

A partial hospitalization program allows the patient to continue living in a community with structure. Through this program, individuals still benefit from a similar structure to inpatient drug rehab without having quite so rigid rules. Those in the partial hospitalization program live in appointed housing near the center so staff can still attend to their needs.

Patients in the partial hospitalization program undergo the same therapy and participate in many of the same activities as patients in the residential program. The main difference is that PHP patients don’t live on the same campus as the treatment center.

How Individuals Benefit from a Partial Hospitalization Program

There are two primary scenarios in which individuals should enroll in a partial hospitalization program. The first is if their addiction isn’t severe enough for inpatient, but they still need the structure and supervision. In the second scenario, the individual will already have completed an inpatient program, but isn’t quite ready for life in outpatient yet. This is considered a step down.

Partial hospitalization programs offer the following benefits:

  • Individual counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Amenities offered by rehab facility

One of the biggest advantages of this type of program is that it allows those in recovery to attend to their home and work lives, while still getting the structured help that they need. Individuals who choose partial hospitalization attend treatment five days a week for at least eight hours as they learn important coping mechanisms for overcoming active addiction.

Choosing a Treatment Program at Crestview Recovery

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