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What is a Speedball?

Speedballing is a dangerous game to play. Shedding light on the complexities and dangers of speedballing is imperative to combating its abuse. This can be done when questions are asked, revealing the reasons for its abuse. This particular kind of substance abuse has a drastic, and oftentimes detrimental, impact on health and livelihood.

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Explaining the Different Types of Addiction

When people hear the word “addiction,” many automatically think of illegal substances such as cocaine or heroin. The truth is that there are many types of addictions, even to legal substances such as alcohol or prescription medication. Here at Crestview Recovery, we help people suffering from all types of addiction get the help they need…

a man and his doctor talking about the steps of heroin addiction treatment

The Steps of Heroin Addiction Treatment

There are multiple steps involved in heroin addiction treatment. Those addicted to heroin can choose between partial hospitalization and outpatient treatment settings for the first step. Knowing what’s involved in each of these steps can help individuals struggling with addiction prepare for rehab. Partial hospitalization is recommended for those addicted to heroin who have only…