Group therapy is a staple in many addiction treatment programs. That’s because group-focused therapy can offer a number of benefits. Learn more about why group therapy is so essential in the recovery process and why it benefits patients recovering from a drug addiction.

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Group Therapy Helps Reduce Isolation

One of the biggest challenges that many of those in a drug addiction treatment center face is feeling alone and isolated. Even if friends and family want to help, they might not fully understand what patients are going through. Because of this, it’s important for patients to spend time in group environments where there are others who have been through similar experiences.

Group sessions can make it immediately clear that no one is going through an entirely unique experience. Lots of other people have incredible struggles, and many of them find success at the end of rehab.

It can be freeing to finally realize that many other people have had similar experiences. Others have hit rock bottom, others have made serious mistakes in life and others have doubts about their own chance at recovery. Hearing others admit these things can make all the difference to any patients who feel misunderstood.


Peer Support and Accountability


Accountability and support are two critical elements of the addiction recovery process. Patients can get both from medical professionals, family members, and therapists or counselors. However, peer support and accountability can be more effective and more meaningful for many patients.

In a group setting, patients might feel more comfortable recounting their past experiences. They’re able to share, be vulnerable, and expose their innermost thoughts without worrying about judgment. They can also actively request support from others.

When many people are going through a similar process, they can be incredible sources of support to one another. Having someone who truly understands the nature and difficulty of recovery offer support is more valuable, in many cases than getting the same offer from a friend or family member who has never struggled in this way.

Communication and Socialization

Many individuals with an addiction diagnosis have a hard time reintegrating into their social circles after therapy. This is completely normal. After all, diagnosing and then treating addiction with the help of a residential treatment program is a life-changing step. However, group sessions can help build communication skills and make socializing easier in the future.

Other people struggling with drug addictions are only used to socializing when they’re on their drug of choice. Trying to have even a simple conversation while not under the influence of an addictive substance can be an unusual act. Thankfully, this won’t last forever.

To jumpstart the process, professionals strongly recommend group therapy. Crestview Recovery’s group therapy programs and substance use treatments have a specific outline, making it easy to know when to speak and when to listen. Since the group is judgment-free, it also gives positive feedback to those who participate. Every single therapy session can go a long way in helping patients feel more confident when socializing and communicating in everyday life.

Group Therapy in Portland, Oregon

It can be frustrating for those in recovery to feel like they’re always on the receiving end of support, help, and assistance. In fact, many patients say it is demoralizing. One way to combat these feelings is by creating opportunities for patients to help others.

In group sessions, patients can share their own experiences with others who are going through a tough time. They can lend support and help others stay accountable. All of this improves self-confidence.

Group therapy is just one aspect of addiction therapy services to look for when recovering from an addiction or a mental health disorder. Some others include:

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Group Therapy for Addiction
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