Everyone who needs addiction recovery requires a different level of care. It all depends on factors such as the severity of a person’s addiction and the type of substance a person has been using. Some individuals are able to start at an outpatient drug rehab center.

However, for those who still need a strong level of supervision but do not need to be monitored 24/7, a partial hospitalization program (PHP) may work best.

Thankfully, there are different programs that address mental health and substance use disorders. A treatment plan that considers the individual needs of patients can ensure recovery from addiction and mental health challenges. Here at Crestview Recovery in Oregon, we truly believe that addiction does not have to take over your life. This is why we offer various inpatient and outpatient drug addiction treatment approaches, including a PHP!


Addiction does not have to take over your life. Crestview’s PHP can help.

Who is a Good Candidate for a PHP?

When it comes to addiction treatment approaches and programs, they are all different and present varying advantages. This is why it is important to seek professional guidance when enrolling in an addiction treatment facility. Here at Crestview Recovery, we understand that partial hospitalization programs may be more beneficial for some than for others.

A person may be a good candidate for partial hospitalization programs for addiction:

  • Has a stable job and transportation
  • Has a stable home environment
  • Does not require around-the-clock care
  • Are not quite ready for life in outpatient treatment yet
  • Is experiencing only mild or moderate withdrawal symptoms
  • Has a strong support system outside of therapy and rehabilitation
  • Requires a more intensive form of treatment than outpatient treatment, but less than residential rehab

Partial hospitalization programs can be incredibly helpful for those who are transitioning out of residential programs, which require patients to live at a treatment facility.

How Does a PHP Work?

Benefits of a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

There are many advantages to partial hospitalization programs for alcohol addiction and drug abuse. Some of the numerous benefits of a partial hospitalization program for addiction include:

  • Affordability: PHPs are typically less expensive than inpatient treatment programs.
  • Flexibility: Since individuals attend treatment sessions for several hours a week and return home between sessions, PHPs offer more flexibility than inpatient treatment programs.
  • Transition: Partial hospitalization treatment programs can help people transition from residential care to outpatient treatment. Generally, standard outpatient programs are not intensive at all, which can be difficult for those coming out of residential rehab. But PHPs can help make the transition smoother.
  • Aftercare: A partial hospitalization program for substance use may be accompanied by aftercare services. These programs can help people develop relapse prevention skills, sober living abilities, and more.

A PHP for drug and alcohol abuse can make all the difference when it comes to recovery. Overcoming substance misuse can be incredibly challenging and, without the right kind of help, it can be discouraging. But a comprehensive substance use disorder treatment plan can make recovery more accessible and achievable.

partial hospitalization program for addiction

Therapy in Partial Hospitalization Programs

At Crestview Recovery, we offer various addiction therapy services and programs. These therapeutic approaches include individual, group, family, holistic, and trauma counseling. We also help people through life skills training services.

Receive Treatment at Crestview Recovery

We offer a variety of other therapeutic options that could assist you in overcoming your addiction to drugs and alcohol. These include:

  • Residential treatment
  • Extended care treatment
  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP)

These programs can help you recover from addiction and avoid relapse moving forward. As you begin your recovery process, we can help you determine which factors to consider in selecting the right treatment program. We can provide you with the support and guidance you need as you receive assistance for substance use.

More than 18.9 million people need substance use treatment but do not receive it.

Get the treatment you need at Crestview Recovery. Call us at 866.262.0531, and begin a brand new life today.

“Crestview went above and beyond to help me navigate the addiction treatment maze — even offering other programs to that ensure my daughter would access treatment after detox. Thankfully, she was able to enter treatment the day before Thanksgiving, and while there, received a personalized treatment program that addressed substance use, mental health, trauma history, and family system issues. She had access to a clean/safe women’s residence, medication-assisted treatment, individual and group therapy, community-based providers, recovery activities, skill-building, and case management. *Most importantly, the intake and clinical staff at Crestview cared deeply about her — she was not simply another client moving through the system. Bottom line: I would recommend Crestview to friends and family without hesitation.”

– MM

Learn More About Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Our Portland PHP is often beneficial because it is less intense than an inpatient program. It allows those in recovery to attend to their home and work lives while still getting the structured help that they need.

Individuals who choose this option attend addiction treatment five days per week for at least eight hours. During this time, they learn helpful tools and coping methods to help them overcome addiction. Additionally, you can also attend school or work if you need to. You are also around family members who want to help and encourage you in your sobriety.

If you are looking for more information about how our programs can help you overcome your addiction to drugs and alcohol, contact our facility today! We are ready to help you and your family heal from the effects of addiction. You can also reach out to our treatment team to learn about what to expect during treatment, how many times you’ll attend treatment per week, and anything else you’d like to learn.

Also, if you’d like to know more about payment options and the insurance plans we accept, our treatment team and admissions staff members can help you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

At Crestview Recovery, we want to see you succeed in sobriety. You’ll never have to decide on which treatment program is best for you alone. Whether you need a partial hospitalization program in Portland or a different level of care, start your recovery journey by speaking to an expert who can point you in the right direction. Call 866.262.0531 today.