a doctor smiles as she thinks about todays most prescribed drugs

What Are Today’s Most Prescribed Drugs?

People all over the world take prescription medications to help treat conditions they’re facing in their lives. They may take something for a mental health condition like depression or anxiety or a pill to reduce their pain. Unfortunately, today’s most prescribed drugs in the United States can also be addictive and abused. If you’re facing…

a doctor crosses his arms as he wonders what drugs are opiates

What Drugs Are Opiates, And Why It Matters

There are many types of medications available today, and one of the most popular classes of drug are the opiates. So, what drugs are opiates? Why does it matter? In general, people with chronic pain use opiate drugs. However, if taken for a long time, opiates become addictive. Fortunately, doctors prescribe opiates less frequently than…

a man holds his head after combining alcohol and xanax

Alcohol and Xanax is a Dangerous Mix

If you’re struggling with any kind of substance abuse issue or addiction problems, you’re not alone. One of the most common addiction issues comes from mixing prescription drugs like alcohol and Xanax together. A lot of people do that because they don’t realize that a prescription could be a dangerous substance. They also often don’t…