someone pouring a spoonful of codeine

Am I Abusing Codeine?

There’s a big prescription drug crisis happening in the United States, and it kills more than 15,000 people per year. In fact, there are more fatal overdoses from prescription drugs each year than heroin and cocaine combined. The United States prescribes more opiates, including codeine than any other country. Physicians prescribe enough narcotic pain medications…

man sitting against a wall wondering what is substance abuse

What Is Substance Abuse?

Substance abuse is a growing problem across the nation. Despite this, many people still ask, “What is substance abuse?” People often use substance abuse and addiction interchangeably. However, the two aren’t exactly the same. Substance abuse is what leads to addiction. It’s also important to note that it isn’t a victimless activity. It hurts the…

young woman with her hands over her face thinking about her signs of addiction

Signs of Addiction

Individuals who struggle with addiction show apparent signs of addiction. Still, for people who know a loved one has a dependency problem, it isn’t always easy to know what to do. People describe watching a person struggling with addiction as a train wreck since it’s difficult to watch, and most feel helpless. The best thing…