depressants vs stimulants

Depressants Vs Stimulants: What You Need to Know

In 2017, the most recent year tabulated, over 70,000 people around the US died of drug overdoses. Approximately 70% of these deaths could be attributed to opioids. But there are other drugs to know about. Understanding depressants vs stimulants can you better make sense of your addiction and find a good women’s or men’s drug rehab program to help you get…

children of alcoholics

The Effect of Alcohol Abuse on Children of Alcoholics

Alcohol abuse is a serious issue affecting thousands of people in the Pacific Northwest. At Crestview Recovery, we offer both women’s and men’s alcohol rehab so people get the help they need. Yet even while parents are seeking recovery, their children may continue to suffer. Close to 1-in-5 adults today grew up with alcoholic parents. Many…