a man looking out the window wondering do i have an addictive personality

Do I Have An Addictive Personality?

Are you wondering do I have an addictive personality? Understand your personality can be difficult without a second opinion or a set of guidelines to determine how you behave. This is especially important if you believe that you have addictive tendencies or an addictive personality. Knowing the differences between addictive substances vs. having an addictive…

a person pouring cough syrup on a spoon to participate in cough syrup abuse

Cough Syrup Abuse

Your medicine cabinet may cause the death of your teen, due to cough syrup abuse. It may surprise parents and caretakers to know that their medicine cabinet filled with seemingly harmless OTC (over the counter) cough syrups, can be life-threatening for your teens, and they’ll need a substance abuse treatment center in Portland Oregon. The…

a man suffering in the corner after injecting krokodil drug

What is Krokodil Drug?

Drug use is a constantly developing issue in our society as new substances are pushed into black markets, communities, and shared among users. Sometimes, new drugs are highly volatile, highly addictive, and extremely dangerous; Krokodil drug is one of them. Krokodil (kr-ak-O-del) is a homemade opioid derivative of codeine and is one of the most…

a doctor talking to a patient about the types of psychotherapy

Types of Psychotherapy

Mental health disorders and substance abuse problems, combined, affect more than 25% of Americans annually. Mental health and substance abuse disorders are both types of chronic, progressive mental health disorders that continue to get worse until you engage in treatment. Symptoms can make it difficult to meet your personal, employment and social obligations. Several types…

a person drinking in a shipping yard wondering what is alcohol dementia

What Is Alcohol Dementia

According to research by The National Center for Biotechnology Information, 95% of people who frequently drink alcohol are at risk of alcohol dementia. Lots of people globally are battling alcohol addiction either in their homes, colleges or workplace. But, what is alcohol dementia? Though some people manage to quit alcohol addiction on their own, the best…

two patients hiking as part of experiential therapy activities

Experiential Therapy Activities

Left untreated, mental health and substance abuse disorders worsen and can make it difficult, if not impossible, to live a normal life. Experiential therapy activities are common tools during treatment. Experiential therapy in Portland Oregon uses methods of expression, such as dancing, in order to help you share your thoughts and feelings. Substance abuse and mental health…

a pile of pills but what is vicoprofen

What Is Vicoprofen?

Several medications exist that help patients with pain. While many people may be familiar with Vicodin and Percocet, there is another drug that is just as potent —Vicoprofen. What is Vicoprofen? This is a narcotic pain medication that can lead to addiction. In these cases, a Vicoprofen addiction treatment center in Portland, Oregon is necessary. Let’s take…