Where you begin your recovery matters. At Crestview Recovery Center, we understand that a positive environment helps create the ideal situation for drug addiction recovery.  For this reason, we offer only the best at our drug and alcohol rehab center in Portland, Oregon. Learn more about our facility and view some photos of our homes below.

Why Should You Choose Crestview Recovery?

Our team has taken extensive time in selecting all of our homes and clinical spaces ideal for you or a loved one to undergo our many substance use treatments in Portland, OR

. We focused on allowing for maximum privacy, safety, and comfort. Our homes and spaces have significant natural light, yet are private enough to allow clients and their loved ones to feel safe. It’s vital to have a comfortable, picturesque place to recover so you can spend more time focusing on your treatment and less time worrying about being comfortable.

Our facilities will make you feel like you’re at home instead of recovering in a hospital-like setting. Being uncomfortable or feeling like just another number can cause your recovery to stall. Moreover, having a feeling of anonymity and privacy makes it easier to recover. We’ll never reveal your information to outside sources, and you can rest easy knowing your anonymity is protected.

Visit Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Come tour our rehabilitation facility in Portland, Oregon today. Our location in the Pacific Northwest offers a unique place to begin your recovery journey. You can participate in experiential therapy in the surrounding mountains and waterways. You’ll be able to get back in touch with yourself as well as nature through our holistic therapy options. When you’re ready to attend a facility that helps you fully focus on your recovery, call Crestview Recovery at 866.262.0531. We’ll help you choose the right programs and therapies for your needs.