staying sober

What Are 3 Stages of Relapse?

You’re committed to your recovery and staying sober, but there’s always a risk of relapse. Relapse is when someone who has made progress in overcoming addiction returns to substance use. It’s a common challenge in recovery, often due to triggers, stress, or a lapse in coping strategies. Knowing the stages of relapse and having a plan in place can help you avoid slipping up. Relapse happens gradually; it’s not usually out of the blue.

Group discussing core values to guide recovery

Core Values to Guide Recovery

Addiction is lonely, desolate, and dangerous when left untreated. People who depend on dangerous drugs can sometimes avoid an overdose, but the effects of certain drugs will eventually take their toll in the long run. No matter how far you’ve fallen, we want you to know that there is hope. Addiction treatment programs at Crestview…