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What Is Drug Tolerance?

Many people have heard about drug tolerance, but not everyone fully understands it. Given the significant societal challenges posed by substance abuse and addiction, a comprehensive grasp of drug tolerance is imperative for devising effective preventative measures and treatment protocols. It doesn’t just affect the person using drugs—it also impacts their family and community.

A therapist discusses cocaine abuse with a patient.

What to Know About Cocaine Abuse and Getting Treatment

Not everyone who uses cocaine develops an addiction that destroys families, careers, and physical health. But many people do. If cocaine abuse is causing problems in your life, quitting on your own might not be an option (otherwise you would’ve quit already). Cocaine is a central nervous system stimulant that increases energy and confidence in…

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Hidden Risks: Exploring Ibuprofen- Alcohol Interaction

You’ve likely taken an ibuprofen to ease a headache before heading out for drinks. But did you know mixing alcohol and ibuprofen can be risky? Explore how ibuprofen and alcohol interact, the potential side effects, and why it’s critical to prioritize medication safety – especially during recovery. We’ll also touch on the importance of seeking guidance from healthcare professionals when concerns arise.

alcohol and blood pressure

How Does Alcohol Affect Blood Pressure?

The impact that alcohol has on a person’s body and mind should not be understated. Whether it’s kidney failure or cognitive impairment, the body (and mind) keep score. As time goes on, the human body ages; what once came easy for the body to tackle and filter out is not as simple anymore. As people age past their prime, it becomes more difficult for the body to function properly (or at peak performance).


Step 12 AA: Carrying the Message and Helping Others

Well done on successfully getting into the 12 steps and achieving recovery! Your commitment and determination have led you to this significant milestone. But your journey isn’t over yet. Step 12,” Carrying the Message,” is all about maintaining your sobriety by helping others. Embracing service gets you out of yourself and gives life deeper meaning. The challenges of sponsorship and self-doubt may arise, but the rewards of growth and fulfillment make pushing through worth it.

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Understanding Step 11 AA

Congratulations on reaching Step 11 in your journey to recovery; your dedication and effort have truly paid off. Now it’s time to start reaping the rewards of all that effort, including mental health treatment. Step 11 AA is all about connecting with your higher power and finding inner peace through prayer and meditation. This step teaches you new tools to enhance your spiritual growth and self-discovery.