Crestview Recovery’s dual diagnosis treatment program in Portland, Oregon, provides a pathway to hope, adventure, and a robust recovery network. Recognizing the critical link between mental health and substance use, our program is designed to address both aspects concurrently. Our dedicated staff is committed to establishing meaningful connections with each individual and fostering personal growth in the process.

Witnessing the transformative journey of individuals rebuilding their lives is truly remarkable, particularly when equipped with the right resources. Our top-tier, long-term drug rehab and sober living community in Portland plays a pivotal role in guiding individuals through addiction recovery. If you are seeking a supportive environment that addresses both mental health and substance use challenges, we encourage you to contact us today. Explore the possibilities of our drug and alcohol rehab center and discover the welcoming community for your recovery journey.


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Approximately half of all patients who attend addiction rehab centers receive a dual diagnosis. The therapeutic modalities that dual diagnosis treatment centers use are unique to each client. People with co-occurring disorders should receive well-rounded care that teaches them how to manage the symptoms of their psychological illness without turning to drugs. The types of conditions that often go hand-in-hand with addiction include:
  • ADHD
  • Depression
  • Severe anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Personality disorders

Medical professionals used to think that individuals with an addiction had to get sober before treating their mental illness. However, treating these conditions without considering both doesn’t work. At Crestview Recovery, we delve into all the factors that steer you away from living optimally.


A dual diagnosis center, also known as a dual diagnosis treatment program, is designed to address the complex needs of individuals dealing with both substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions. The components of a dual diagnosis center typically include:

When individuals seek treatment at our residential treatment center in Portland, Oregon, they complete a comprehensive assessment with a member of our medical team. A therapist or counselor will evaluate an individual to identify a mental health disorder or co-occurring substance use disorder. Throughout recovery in dual-diagnosis treatment centers, individuals are regularly evaluated to determine if their individualized treatment plan requires adjustment. Comprehensive assessment also helps with medication management.

Medically supervised detox is essential to help treat the substance use disorders co-occurring with a mental health condition in a dual diagnosis. Detoxification helps individuals manage withdrawal symptoms while also helping them stop the abuse of a substance.

A variety of therapeutic interventions are necessary to tackle the interaction between different psychological conditions and addiction. When people’s psychological needs are met, it becomes much easier for them to build life skills. At Crestview Recovery, our evidence-based therapies for dual diagnosis include:

Individual Therapy

Family Therapy

Group Therapy

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Addressing psychological illness alongside substance use disorders lowers the risk of relapse. A holistic treatment plan improves the chances of achieving success and long-lasting recovery.

Holistic therapies play a pivotal role in dual diagnosis treatment by addressing the interconnected well-being of the mind, body, and spirit. Holistic approaches such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness, art therapy, and acupuncture can help individuals heal physically and emotionally. Promoting overall wellness as an integral component of the recovery journey. These therapies not only provide valuable tools for coping with mental health challenges but also contribute to a more comprehensive and sustainable recovery experience when combined with other therapeutic interventions.

At Crestview Recovery in Portland, Oregon, our commitment to comprehensive care includes a specialized medication management program tailored for individuals navigating dual diagnoses. The medication management program is designed to optimize the therapeutic benefits of prescribed medications, ensuring a balanced and effective treatment plan. Occasionally medications are prescribed to treat substance use, but medication is more commonly used for treating anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other mental health disorders. Regular monitoring and adjustments, when necessary, are integral to this program, providing individuals with the personalized support needed for successful recovery.

Our aftercare program in Portland, Oregon, is for those in addiction and mental health recovery. Aftercare includes training for relapse prevention and guidance for the next steps of treatment. Individuals in the dual diagnosis program at Crestview Recovery may move on to intensive outpatient treatment, traditional outpatient therapy, our partial hospitalization program, or sober living. Dual-diagnosis patients may require intensive therapy and can continue their therapeutic regimen in outpatient treatment.

The specific elements of an aftercare program can be tailored to meet individual needs, promoting sustained sobriety and mental well-being. Regular check-ins, ongoing therapeutic support, and access to community resources are common features, ensuring a seamless transition from intensive treatment to a more independent, yet supported, post-rehabilitation life.



Understanding the intricate link between mental health and addiction is essential in providing effective treatment options. Often intertwined, mental health disorders and substance use can influence and exacerbate one another. Individuals grappling with untreated mental health issues may turn to substances as a way to cope with their emotional struggles, inadvertently forming a pattern of self-medication. Chronic substance use can contribute to the development or intensification of mental health disorders. This complex interplay underscores the importance of a dual diagnosis approach, where both aspects are addressed concurrently. Comprehensive treatment not only involves addressing the symptoms of addiction but also delves into the underlying psychological factors contributing to the cycle.

By recognizing and treating the interconnected nature of mental health and addiction, individuals can achieve more sustainable recovery outcomes, breaking free from the cyclical patterns that perpetuate these challenges. A holistic and integrated approach, considering both mental health and substance use, is fundamental for fostering lasting well-being and resilience in those on the path to recovery.


Many mental health issues and addiction disorders emerge simultaneously. Determining which came first isn’t necessary to effectively treat an individual who is suffering, but a dual diagnosis treatment center can provide a comprehensive assessment of your psychological wellness. Regardless of whether the addictive behavior or mental illness came first, people who struggle with substance use should look into a long-term dual diagnosis treatment center in Oregon to deal with the complex issues that are involved in long-term sobriety.

At Crestview Recovery we offer specialized care for many substance use disorders. Our dual diagnosis rehab center addresses alcohol and drug addiction. We also offer residential treatment services as well as outpatient services, making our treatment plans more flexible and accessible.


Crestview Recovery prioritizes comprehensive mental health services to effectively address the intricate relationship between mental health and substance use disorders. Our approach begins with a thorough assessment by experienced professionals to identify each individual’s unique mental health needs. Embracing a dual diagnosis framework, our skilled therapists and counselors craft personalized treatment plans that integrate evidence-based modalities.

Individuals seeking treatment will receive individualized treatment plans to address mental health concerns. In our mental health program, we utilize individual counseling, medication management, and holistic therapy to help our clients rehabilitate.

Our team offers treatment for these mental health disorders:

dual diagnosis


Our specialized dual diagnosis treatment center can help you break the cycle of addiction and heal from co-occurring mental disorders. Our team of qualified mental health professionals and addiction specialists will help determine the right treatment programs for you. Call Crestview Recovery to learn more about how our top-rated mental health and addiction treatment in Portland, Oregon can help you.


Our treatment facility in Portland, Oregon, is in-network with health insurance providers. Learn about which providers we accept at Crestview Recovery and how we’re making care more accessible. You can verify your health insurance with us to determine how much of your treatment will be covered.

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