When you are ready to get treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction, you want to go to a facility that offers a diverse array of addiction treatment programs so your addiction can be treated comprehensively. There’s no one-size-fits-all addiction treatment program for those struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction.

Statistics have shown that those who suffer from the disease of addiction need to be carefully transitioned through different levels of care in order to have the best chance of staying sober. That’s exactly what you’ll receive at Crestview Recovery in Portland, Oregon.


1 in 5 people aged 12 or older used drugs in the past year, which is higher than previous years.

Residential Treatment Program in Oregon

When individuals enter our residential addiction treatment program, they experience the benefit of 24/7 support and monitoring as they work through the remaining stages of withdrawal and begin their journey to recovery.

While in our Portland, Oregon residential program, individuals can focus their entire attention on healing and returning to wellness in our residential program. Distractions, triggers, and stressors are all removed. Working alongside counselors, therapists, and other addiction treatment professionals, a customized plan can be developed to identify and meet every person’s recovery goal. Typically, inpatient treatment lasts for just under a month but, in some cases, can go longer.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs in Oregon

The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) has established five levels of addiction care. A partial hospitalization program sits at Level II, the others include:

  • Level 0.5: early intervention
  • Level I: outpatient services
  • Level II: intensive outpatient/partial hospitalization services
  • Level III: residential inpatient services
  • Level IV: medically-managed intensive inpatient services

A partial hospitalization program or PHP is a useful and sometimes necessary step in addiction recovery. Many people who enter addiction treatment programs need to go into the partial hospitalization program once the withdrawal is over. While it may seem like a big commitment to enter into a facility for 30 days, it’s of the utmost importance. Those who suffer from the disease of addiction often aren’t safe from themselves, and consistent accountability is crucial. While you’re in the partial hospitalization level of care, you’ll be able to focus on your recovery without the stressors from the outside world.

At Crestview Recovery in Oregon, you’ll be going through this process in a safe and monitored environment with others who are also on the road to recovery. The intensity of the program gives you the necessary resources to overcome addiction and substance use disorder. It can also provide you with just enough space and freedom to feel confident in your ability to continue.

In a partial hospitalization program, you’ll be exposed to life skills training so you can make the full transition to your everyday life smoother. Alongside this you’ll develop sober living skills with your counselors, therapist, and peers. You’ll be able to see progress nearly every day as you move through the program. Furthermore, you’ll be set up for success rather than failure. Rather than being left alone, you’ll be given the contacts and resources you need to make the transition a success. What do you measure success? The answer is preventing relapse.

Once you’ve completed the partial hospitalization program, you will be able to transition to the outpatient treatment program. Outpatient is where you continue to get the treatment that you need while integrating back into daily life. The support you need will be there through Crestview Recovery to help you navigate your newfound sobriety.

Some therapies you can explore with us include:

Continuing Care

When you graduate from the program, you won’t be alone. Crestview Recovery understands that the first year of recovery can be very challenging. We have an alumni program to keep everyone connected once they discharge. The alumni program will help you continue to strengthen your sobriety by being a part of a group of people who have also completed our Portland addiction treatment programs.

Aftercare programming is vital to prevent relapse. The vast majority of individuals aren’t able to maintain their sobriety alone. Thus, relapse prevention is a significant part of aftercare. Building or belonging to a supportive community decreases your risk of relapse. It also affords you the opportunity to make progress in your new sober life. Many times, individuals find themselves caught not knowing where to go after treatment. Although they are now sober, going back to their regular daily lives may now be riddled with triggers and bad influences. Building new relationships is difficult and takes time. It can be a daunting task.

However, once you’ve beaten addiction you’re already in a good position to stay sober. Something to consider as you transition back to your everyday life, what are you going to do with your time? One answer: get involved.



woman in yellow sweater sitting on couch petting dog as she considers going to addiction treatment programs

There’s no reason to isolate yourself. Finding groups centered around activities is an excellent way to build new relationships as well as good habits. Volunteering with your local humane society is a great way to not only meet people and do good but make new animal friends. Animal companionship is therapeutic and for many just enjoyable. Explore your local community college or community center. There may be classes, free or paid, you can take.

Finding a new hobby or simply expanding your knowledge is a great way to stay active. Whether it’s learning an instrument, dance lessons, or finally learning more about that topic you never got around to, keeping your mind active is as important as staying physically active. Sports and exercise are an excellent way to keep yourself active. Often they already have a wide and variety community of people within them. The great thing about playing sports or exercising is you control your level of involvement.

Also, if you are spiritually-minded or religious, communities of faith are excellent places to explore. Finding the right group for you may take time, but often the work pays off. Another means of making your new sober life one you’re comfortable in is by focusing on work. Now that you are sober, it’s a good time to use the energy once wasted on addiction in your professional life. What was holding you back? Now that you have a new perspective, you are poised to excel. Take advantage of it.

This place is absolutely amazing, and it totally is the place for recovery. These people know what they are doing, and have all the resources to find you the right path way of recovery. I am 2yrs clean from pills and crack cocaine. I’m from Jacksonville FL but got clean here in Portland Oregon. This was my first rehab ever, and I’ve been clean, and sober every since. Just remember, people do recover, and this is the place to go.

– Payton V.

A few of our treatment programs include:

Only 4.7 of the 9.2 million adults in 2018 received treatment.

You don’t have to struggle against addiction alone. Call Crestview Recovery today!

Aftercare Options for a Lasting Recovery

Therefore, Crestview Recovery offers a variety of options to individuals so they can make a lasting recovery. One way is through continuing on out of treatment in a support group or 12 Step program. Even though you may have already completed a program, returning to it or becoming more of an active participant in another has several benefits. For instance, a support group community can:

Give you a venue to develop positive sober friendships

Others in the group can help you maintain your sobriety plan

Speaking with others nearly always is a great way to reduce stress or anxiety

The transition back to independent living isn’t easy. Individuals may have to cut out of their new sober life friends and family from their past who are negative influences. Sometimes, individuals even need to change where they live and work to avoid triggers and risky situations. This is why sober living, what used to be called half-way homes, are useful. They provide a means to practice the skills and techniques learned in treatment in a safe, controlled environment. Also, they give structure. Many individuals come out of treatment needing at the very least a refresher on how to go about daily tasks. This is because, in the throes of addiction, many people forget about how to take proper care of themselves. Sober living allows individuals to re-learn responsibility. It also gives them the chance to be supportive of others and discovers just how important sharing the load is.

Crestview Recovery also offers a family program to help foster the feeling of belonging and building the family environment conducive to continued recovery. Our family program is here to help you and your loved ones begin to mend and strengthen these relationships. It’s important for your loved ones to learn about the disease of addiction so they can provide you with additional support. Call us today to learn how Crestview Recovery can help you find the right recovery program for you.

Crestview Addiction Treatment Programs

Crestview offers a wide array of addiction treatment programs and options. The concept is to offer the ability to develop a custom program that allows each individual the best opportunity at developing a foundation for lasting recovery. By offering the full continuum of care, Crestview affords the ability to offer a one-stop solution for all your recovery needs.

Extended Care Treatment

 This phase in the recovery process ranges from 30 to 90+ days and allows individuals to further develop the necessary coping and therapy foundations needed at building a new life clean and sober.

No matter what your needs, Crestview Recovery can present you with options. Once you’ve decided to confront addiction, we’ll be with you the rest of the way. To learn more about our addiction treatment programs, give us a call at 866.262.0531.