Over the years, an individual’s occasional use of drugs and alcohol can become more and more frequent. Suddenly, they may find that they need to use substances every day, or else they will experience withdrawal. This slow but steady progression of substance abuse is very common and often requires rehab to fix. At Crestview Recovery, we can provide you with the care that meets your needs. Read on to learn more about our rehab near Beaverton and how our recovery center can help you form healthy habits for a lifetime of recovery.

Those Who Need Rehab Near Beaverton

woman in rehab in beavertonSubstance abuse recovery is a process that can help anybody who suffers from an addiction. However, there is a big difference between those who have an addiction and those who occasionally use a substance. Those who can control their intake may be able to quit without rehab. However, you may want to consider treatment if you exhibit the following:

  • Use substances on an almost daily basis
  • Cannot decrease your consumption of drugs or alcohol
  • Feel emotional and relationship problems due to drugs
  • Experience legal issues that get worse every year
  • Feel hopeless and unable to change on your own

People in these situations likely need rehab in order to regain a sober and happy lifestyle. This new lifestyle will keep them as comfortable and focused as possible without having to use drugs or alcohol. Without professional rehab care, you may get distracted during the process of recovery. Then, you may be unable to recover from addiction. Thankfully, Crestview Recovery provides our patients with excellent treatment. We do this by giving you the most important principles of treatment for your recovery.

The Basic Principles of Substance Abuse Recovery

At rehab near Beaverton, we follow the standard methods that the federal government has described for treatment. These concepts help rehab centers like ours provide helpful care to our patients. These guidelines help all rehab centers in the nation provide their patients with a consistent level of treatment. Just a few common principles that help to unite the process of substance abuse recovery include:

  • Addiction treatments must suit the person who receives them
  • Care must be readily available to all who need it
  • Treatment should approach all levels of a person’s addiction problem
  • Therapy must be adjusted if one option does not work for an individual
  • Medical, behavioral, and psychological elements must all be considered during therapy

Although these are just a few of the most common unifying therapies for treating addiction, it is important to understand these principles. By knowing how to take advantage of rehab and get the right treatment that works for you, an individual can walk away from drug abuse and regain a happy and sober lifestyle. At Crestview Recovery, we provide the most effective care options for your needs.

When to Consider Crestview Recovery

At Crestview Recovery, we offer many treatment options, including:

All of these treatment options will help you walk away from substance abuse while you are in a caring and comfortable environment. Additionally, our rehab offers other features such as a 90-day extended care option.

Do Not Let Your Health Get Worse

If you want rehab near Beaverton that can help you recover from addiction, please call 866.262.0531 today to talk to us at Crestview Recovery. Our professionals have years of experience providing care in many different environments. We have the training you need to help you recover from addiction as fully as possible. Please verify your insurance and get started on the path of sobriety.