If you are searching for alcohol addiction treatment programs near Medford, Oregon, it is time to take a closer look at Crestview Recovery. Our programs near Medford, Oregon offer extended care services for people who are dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Success in recovery involves learning why you started abusing alcohol in the first place. It also involves addressing the poor coping strategies that you have. At our Oregon rehab center near Medford, you will get the care you deserve to begin the healing process from addiction.

What to Expect In an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center Near Medford

patients at an alcohol addiction treatment center near medford oregon You might be nervous about going to treatment at an alcohol addiction treatment center near Medford, Oregon. It is worth overcoming your fears to begin your journey of sobriety. As you meet others in the program and you begin working with a counselor, you will see that the environment is one that offers healing from addiction. You will get support, be able to ask questions, and you will learn new ways to focus on a healthy lifestyle. When you receive treatment for an addiction to alcohol, you will discover:

  • Peer support is an integral part of the healing process and can strengthen your recovery
  • You are not alone and can make it as a sober individual
  • Are stronger than you realize and can make changes to improve your life
  • You can learn new ways to manage to live a sober life and reach your potential

At our alcohol addiction treatment center near Medford, Oregon, we will give you the chance you need to deal with the issues that led to your addiction. You will get the chance to talk about your addiction and share your story with others in recovery. As you get to know your peers, you will understand that addiction is common and doesn’t discriminate.

The Difficulty of Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol is one of the harder substances to withdraw from. Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can begin with mild anxiety, but can quickly turn into delirium tremens, confusion, and seizures if you are not getting the care you need. Supervision during alcohol withdrawal will keep you safe so that you can move forward in your recovery. Once detox is over, going to an alcohol addiction treatment center near Medford, Oregon will allow you to focus on the emotional and behavioral aspects of addiction.

We are here to provide you with the help you need when you are ready to reach out and take a chance at a better life. Addiction treatment takes time, and you will meet others who are on the same path to recovery. You have support, but you have to make the commitment to getting the help you deserve.

Signs You Have an Alcohol Abuse Problem

Alcohol abuse is common, but many people do not admit to having a problem with alcohol because it is socially acceptable to drink. At an alcohol addiction treatment center near Medford, Oregon, you will meet a number of people who waited to get treatment because they did not want to believe that alcohol was ruining their life. Drinking socially once in a while is one thing while drinking to excess on a consistent basis can mean that you are abusing alcohol. Signs that you are abusing alcohol include:

  • Getting angry when plans to go out drinking are changed and there’s no longer a reason to drink
  • Having suffering relationships because of the amount of alcohol you drink
  • Hiding how much you are drinking from people close to you
  • Calling out sick to work because you are sick from drinking
  • Vowing to quit but still going back to drinking alcohol

An addiction to alcohol can be overcome at our alcohol addiction treatment center near Medford, Oregon. But you have to make a commitment to the process. Once you realize you are addicted to alcohol, focusing on your sobriety by asking for help is the next step.

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