Alcohol addiction can sneak up on a person and can be very devastating to your physical and mental health. As a result, an alcohol rehab center is typically an excellent idea for those in this situation. Finding a center for drug alcohol detox in Oregon requires some research. Talk to Crestview Recovery today to learn about the care options we offer at our alcohol addiction treatment center near Corvallis, Oregon. 

The Importance of Alcohol Rehab

people at an alcohol addiction treatment center near Corvallis OregonAlcohol addiction is often one of the most devastating types of substance use. As alcohol is legal to purchase and easy to find, people often struggle to quit. Even worse, they fall into patterns of addictive behavior that impact their physical and mental health. When a person suffers from a physical addiction to alcohol, their withdrawal symptoms can be as potent or even worse than opiate withdrawal.

For example, many people going through alcohol withdrawal will experience nausea, confusion, agitation, physical muscle pain, anxiety, insomnia, and depression. And, if they experience delirium tremens, they may fall into even worse pain. Hallucinations, extreme mental confusion, seizures, blackouts, coma, and even death may occur if this dangerous syndrome develops. As a result, an alcohol rehab center near Corvallis may be an excellent treatment option for you. 

The Benefits of an Alcohol Rehab Center near Corvallis

At Crestview Recovery, we can provide a variety of different services that help individuals manage their addiction to alcohol. Our alcohol addiction treatment center near Corvallis, Oregon focuses on evidence-based treatment that leads to withdrawal, decreases its adverse symptoms, and helps an individual get through treatment with minimal pain. Just a few of the benefits this care provides include:

  • Medicine-Based Treatment – With replacement medications, we can manage the state of a person’s withdrawal and walk them back from severe pain.
  • Focused Nutritional Care – Our alcohol addiction treatment center near Corvallis, Oregon helps to restore a person’s nutritional health to get them back on balance.
  • Strength Help – Addiction may rob a person’s physical strength and make their recovery more difficult. With our help, you can become stronger and more capable of managing alcohol.
  • Gender-Specific Options – Alcohol addiction often impacts men and women differently, which is why we have male and female care options.
  • Dual-Diagnosis Recovery – Mental health often profoundly impacts alcohol addiction. Our dual-diagnosis program helps to manage this underlying concern.

All of these benefits make our alcohol addiction treatment center near Corvallis, Oregon an excellent option for many individuals. Before choosing us, though, it is essential to know what factors make a rehabilitation center an excellent choice. These factors often vary depending on an individual’s needs and must be carefully considered before going through any care.

Choosing an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center Near Corvallis, Oregon

When selecting an alcohol rehab center near Corvallis, pay special attention to different treatment options to ensure that you get the best care possible for your needs. While we provide a high-quality treatment option, it is essential to gauge each center that you investigate using these criteria:

  • Location – Try to find a center that suits your needs and is in a practical location for you.
  • Treatment Options – Each care center will provide different treatments for recovery, so pay attention to which is right for you.
  • Licensing – Focus on care options that have a high level of training. Seek out those with multiple licenses and doctorate- or master-level care.
  • Care Atmosphere – All treatment in a rehabilitation facility should be friendly, caring, and individualized to increase your chances of success.

If you examine all of these elements and find that Crestview Recovery is your best option, do not hesitate to contact us. We can talk to you about the various aspects of your treatment and find a care option that is right for your specific alcohol addiction needs.

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We Can Help You Recover

If you need help from an alcohol addiction treatment center near Corvallis that you can trust, please contact us at Crestview Recovery to learn more. Call 866.262.0531 to learn how we provide many treatment options, including extended care in a 90-day recovery program to help manage addiction. Beyond these benefits, we also have an amenities program that includes white water rafting, snowboarding, and skiing. Let us help you overcome your addiction so you can become a happier and healthier person.