Cigna offers several different healthcare plans for individuals and companies with health and wellness programs and member services that make treatment affordable. Cigna insurance coverage in Portland covers eating disorders, substance use disorders, and other mental health treatments. They offer several insurance plans with varying levels of deductibles and monthly payments. Paying for rehab is easy and worry-free when using Cigna insurance to pay for your mental health treatment.

At Crestview Recovery, we help men and women from all walks of life who are struggling with addiction, borderline personality disorder, or other mental health illnesses. Our certified therapists and counselors will work with you to create a tailored treatment plan that addresses all of your recovery goals. At the same time, our insurance experts will confirm benefits and file all insurance paperwork on your behalf. Reach out to our friendly staff today by calling (866)262-0531 or filling out our online form for more information on paying for rehab with Cigna insurance.


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Cigna Insurance Coverage in Portland

Cigna insurance provides individuals, families, and employers with cost-effective insurance plans that cover a wide range of medical, dental, and wellness programs and services. In addition, their health and wellness knowledge center can teach you about eating healthy, new medical information, and family care tips.

With Cigna insurance coverage in Portland, you get:

  • Affordable health care plans – They have plans that offer $0 virtual care, $0 preventive care, and $0-$3 generic prescription drug plans.
  • 24/7/365 service – You have access to virtual nurses, doctors, customer service, and health care support any time of the day or night.
  • A personalized experience – The myCigna app allows you to search for providers, manage claims, and view prescriptions. Plus, set up personalized alerts and chat with a personal guide for additional assistance.
  • Health & Wellness – Cigna provides mental health support for eating disorders, substance use disorders, and suicide prevention. Plus, a disaster resource center and other important health and wellness services.

At Crestview Recovery, our insurance experts make paying for mental health treatment with Cigna insurance a stress-free process. They have experience working with Cigna and will verify all coverage options and additional funding to help with out-of-pocket expenses.


Paying for Rehab with Cigna Insurance

Cigna insurance makes paying for rehab an easy and stress-free process. They provide you with plenty of information about:

  • How insurance works
  • Ways to file a claim
  • Different types of care

They give you everything you need to help you understand your insurance coverage and make filing a claim a simple process. The types of mental health treatment covered by Cigna insurance include:

For clients with a severe addiction or mental health disorder that need 24/7 care to begin their recovery process. They receive beneficial medication-assisted treatment along with behavioral and holistic therapies.

This is a step-down from a residential program. It allows clients to continue with their medical and behavioral therapy. At the same time, they can begin transitioning back to their work and personal lives. They spend several hours a day in therapy while returning to a stable and sober home environment at night.

This program allows for continuing therapy several hours a week. Clients can continue talking with counselors and practicing coping skills for as long as necessary to maintain sobriety and happiness.

Crestview Recovery Works with Cigna Insurance to Cover the Cost of Mental Health Treatment

Crestview Recovery accepts Cigna insurance coverage in Portland to cover the cost of treating substance use, depression, or other mental health illnesses. Our treatment programs use proven behavioral and holistic therapies that have great potential in helping clients reach their goals, such as:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Group and individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Trauma therapy
  • Art and music therapy

If you or a loved one is struggling with depression or other mental health disorders, call (866)262-0531 or fill out our online form today to begin living a full and productive life.

Working with Cigna Insurance Coverage

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