BlueCross Blue Shield Insurance is one of the country’s most widely accepted health insurance companies, with more than 80 years of experience. BCBS insurance coverage in Portland offers coverage for a number of mental health treatment programs and services. They provide Portland residents with several coverage options and programs that can reduce the amount of out-of-pocket costs for many healthcare-related expenses. In other words, BlueCross BlueShield makes paying for rehab an easy and hassle-free process.

Crestview Recovery provides men and women 18 and over with safe and effective addiction treatment programs. We accept several types of insurance plans, including BCBS, to pay for the cost of treatment. Clients will begin therapy while our staff confirms coverage and process all paperwork on your behalf. If you have BCBS insurance and need help with your addiction recovery, call (866)262-0531 or fill out our online form today for more information about paying for rehab with BCBS insurance.

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BCBS Insurance Coverage in Portland

BlueCross BlueShield offers several types of insurance plans and beneficial health programs that give you discounts on a number of healthcare services. One such program is Blue365. This is a program that provides premier health and wellness discounts to select BCBS organizations across the country. In addition, members receive discounts at a number of companies and organizations, such as:

  • Apparel and footwear
  • Fitness programs
  • Hearing and vision exams
  • Home and family
  • Nutrition
  • Personal care
  • travel

BlueCross BlueShield offers several levels of healthcare coverage with different co-pay and deductible amounts. The plans they offer include:

  • Bronze – This program covers 60% of all healthcare costs and comes with the highest deductible and co-pays with the lowest monthly payment.
  • Silver – Offers 70% coverage on all healthcare plans with higher monthly payments and a lower deductible than the Bronze program.
  • Gold – You receive 80% coverage on all medical services with a lower deductible and high monthly payment.
  • Platinum – This program covers 90% of all healthcare costs and has the highest monthly payment of all programs

Mental Health Treatment Covered by BCBS

Mental health disorders such as substance use disorder, depression, and PTSD have no cure. Still, there are several types of effective treatment programs that can significantly reduce symptoms. As a result, clients can go on to lead healthy and productive lives.

Mental health treatments covered by BCBS include:

This program helps men and women get through the first few weeks of recovery when withdrawal symptoms and cravings are at their worst. Clients will receive medication-assisted treatment to reduce their symptoms and allow them to focus on their recovery.

This program offers 24/7 support for clients with a severe addiction or mental health disorder that requires living in a treatment center while participating in various group and individual behavioral therapy programs.

Clients continue participating in behavioral therapies while beginning to transition back into their everyday lives.

This program offers clients an opportunity to continue with therapy as long as necessary to help them maintain a sober life.


Crestview Recovery Makes Paying for Rehab with BCBS an Easy and Stress-Free Experience

Crestview Recovery accepts BCBS insurance coverage in Portland. They provide out-of-network insurance coverage for men and women who are struggling with addiction or other mental health disorders. When you first arrive at our facility, our team will evaluate your condition to determine the best course of action to begin your recovery journey. Then, we will confirm your benefits and any deductible you are responsible for.

Let us take care of working with your insurance provider so you can focus on your recovery and turn your life around.  Call (866)262-0531 or fill out our online form today for more information on our addiction treatment programs and how they can benefit your recovery.

Working with Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Coverage

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