If you need a drug rehab near Salem, Oregon for your recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, then you might want to consider looking a bit further from home to get the best care you need. In the Pacific Northwest, there are very few programs for drug or alcohol rehab. This choice is extremely important for your health and wellbeing, so closely examine each treatment option to ensure you get the help you really need. Consider Crestview Recovery in Portland, Oregon for your recovery so we can get started on your sobriety.

Importance of Individualized Treatment at Drug Rehab in Salem, Oregon

patient and therapist at a drug rehab in salem oregonFinding a quality drug rehab in Salem, Oregon is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Not many options exist compared to other parts of the country. However, only about an hour away from Salem is a rehab treatment facility that offers the programs you need for your best chance to achieve a strong, lasting recovery.

In Portland, Oregon, Crestview Recovery provides men and women just like you with programs and therapies proven to work for sobriety. Whether you need inpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, or outpatient rehab, these options exist through Crestview Recovery. Regardless of the level of care that you need for your own recovery, our aftercare programs help you stay strong long after you leave the rehab environment.

Your individualized treatment plan starts with the program you need, even if that includes extended care for 90 days. Crestview Recovery does not rush you through your program, unlike many insurance-based rehabs that stop you after 28 or 30 days of treatment. People from all over the Pacific Northwest have achieved sobriety at Crestview Recovery, and you can too.

Crestview Recovery Therapies and Treatment Methods in Portland, Oregon

There are limited options for treatment centers and recovery in Salem, Oregon. An excellent option for mental health and addiction treatment exists just an hour away at Crestview Recovery in Portland, Oregon. Going to treatment in Portland, Oregon provides many benefits for you in your treatment journey. For example, rehab in Portland provides you with a change of scenery so you can get away from the triggers and temptations of your substance abuse. This gives you a greater focus on achieving lasting sobriety and removes you from the distractions you face at home.

In Portland, Oregon you will also gain a feeling of a “fresh start.” In a new place, you let go of things that are holding you back and stressing you out at home. You can enjoy some distance from daily requirements and responsibilities. Your home life does not follow you into rehab. This means that you can have quality time to work on problems in your life, instead of trying to deal with them while going through your program.

Treatment in Portland, Oregon at Crestview Recovery also provides unique aspects of treatment that you cannot find in Salem, Oregon. Among these are specific types of therapy, experienced therapists, high-quality amenities, and new, compassionate people to support you in your journey.

Crestview Recovery Provides for Your Brightest Possible Future

Crestview Recovery rehab facilities in Portland, Oregon meet your very individual needs for strong, lasting sobriety. Our programs at Crestview Recovery include:

Call Crestview Recovery now at 866.262.0531 to learn more about the programs that we offer in Portland. Verify your insurance benefits and talk to an intake counselor about your treatment goals today. People from all over the Pacific Northwest succeed in recovery in Portland, Oregon, and you can too. Call Crestview Recovery so we can help you choose the right program for your recovery.