Beacon Health Options provides mental health treatment coverage for Portland residents looking for an effective and affordable recovery experience. Beacon insurance coverage in Portland offers various mental health solutions, employee/student assistance programs, and other beneficial health programs. In addition, they have partnerships with 65 health plans to make paying for rehab easy and affordable.

At Crestview Recovery, we help young men and women 18 and over struggling with substance use or other mental health disorders. Our insurance experts have experience working with Beacon Health Options. They will confirm coverage amounts and work with you to obtain financing for any out-of-pocket expenses if necessary. For more information about mental health treatment covered by Beacon insurance, call 866.262.0531 today or fill out our online form, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Beacon Insurance Coverage in Portland

Beacon insurance coverage in PortlandBeacon Health Option’s mission is to help people live their lives to the fullest potential. They have access to a broad network of behavioral health providers and facilities to get men and women the appropriate care they need, based on the severity of their condition at the time of enrollment. Their insurance programs span the full scope of behavioral health services, allowing them to deliver evidence-based solutions for long-lasting change.

Just some of the services they offer include:

  • Superior clinical mental health treatment
  • Substance use disorder management
  • A comprehensive employee assistance program
  • work/life support
  • Specialty programs for autism and depression
  • Insightful analytics to improve the delivery of care

At Crestview Recovery, we work with a variety of insurance providers to support men and women through their recovery journey. We will discuss all options for paying for rehab with Beacon Insurance, including going over any out-of-pocket expenses you may be responsible for.

Paying for Rehab with Beacon Insurance

Mental health treatment covered by Beacon Insurance includes all levels of treatment programs from detox, residential, and outpatient treatment programs. In addition to healthcare solutions, they offer helpful tools and educational materials about substance use, treating depression, and other helpful information.

The solutions that Beacon Health Options offers include:

  • Mental health and substance use disorder solutions – Their focus is on prevention, recovery, and resiliency. It helps clients resolve their most urgent and complex mental health challenges and works to create a more coordinated system of care.
  • Opioid use disorder solutions – Their goal is to increase access to evidence-based solutions for clients struggling with opioid addiction. Furthermore, they are working to create a more seamless transition from acute care to long-term, community-based solutions.
  • Beacon Wellbeing: Student Assistance Program – Beacon partners with universities across the nation to enhance their existing healthcare programs. They offer resources such as a crisis line, telehealth services, assessment and triage process, and more.
  • Beacon Wellbeing: Employee Assistance Program – Beacon offers a new approach to the traditional employee assistance program (EAP). Their solutions promote a better outcome using holistic therapies that can reduce absenteeism and improve morale and performance.

Beacon insurance coverage in Portland offers various solutions to help men and women from all walks of life reach their recovery goals.

Crestview Recovery Works with Beacon Insurance for Mental Health Treatment

Crestview Recovery accepts Beacon Insurance coverage in Portland to help residents cover the cost of their mental health treatment program. Our team will evaluate your condition when you arrive to determine the level of care you need and coverage limits based on your insurance plan.

We offer a wide range of treatment programs that Beacon Health Option covers, including:

  • Separate men’s and women’s rehab program
  • Residential treatment program
  • Partial hospitalization program
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Telehealth program
  • Aftercare program

Our insurance experts will confirm benefits and process all paperwork while you focus on your recovery. Call 866.262.0531 today to speak with our knowledgeable staff about turning your life around.