At Crestview Recovery, we work hard to help facilitate healing from drug addiction and learning how to healthily manage mental health issues. We’re here to help you and our team will help you through the rehab admissions process so you can get straight to the important work of healing. Contact us to verify what types of documents you need, including medical history. We’ll work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan to suit your needs.
rehab admissions

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What to Expect During the Rehab Admissions Process

The most important part of the rehab admissions process is acquiring your total health history. It’s important to be honest and aware of what kind of information the Crestview Recovery team will need from your various healthcare providers.

Once you’re set to attend treatment, the admissions team will help you figure out logistics and transportation arrangements for your time in treatment. You’ll discover what you can do to prepare, and exactly what kinds of accommodations you’ll enjoy during your stay. You will also receive details about the length of your stay, which can vary by the individual and their progress.

Treatment Options at Crestview Recovery

There are several different types of treatment available at our Southeast Portland addiction treatment center. After your initial assessment, we will work with you to develop a personal plan based on your needs, preferences, and the severity of your condition. Here are the available options for treatment at Crestview Recovery:

Our residential addiction treatment program involves living at the treatment facility full-time. This is ideal for people who can fully step away from their responsibilities to focus on treatment.

For people who need help with their addiction but don’t need constant treatment, a partial hospitalization program may be the best fit. This is best for people who have their own transportation or are suffering only mild to moderate addictions.

An intensive outpatient program is ideal for people who mostly need help with coping skills and problem-solving, and may not be in the earliest stages of recovery. This setup is ideal for people with a job or family obligations that they can’t step away from for an extended period.

For patients who need resources but have obligations outside of treatment, an outpatient program offers some of the most flexibility. Individuals in this program will still have access to resources like individual therapy and support groups.

rehab admissions

Insurance Coverage for Rehab

Crestview Recovery accepts many different options for insurance, including the following:

Reach out to Crestview to confirm insurance coverage for rehab, so there are no surprises when it comes time to enter treatment.

Find Your Path to Recovery at Crestview

Whether you need help with alcohol addiction or a dual diagnosis treatment, Crestview Recovery can guide you with a personalized recovery plan. If you’re ready for this important first step, just reach out. Contact us today to learn more about admissions and how you can start your recovery journey.

Crestview Recovery Rehab Admissions

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