For those who are ready to take their lives back from addiction, our drug addiction treatment center near Hillsboro, OR provides a safe place to make it happen. Our staff members act as champions to help each client learn to rescue themselves and get the lives they deserve. Whether you need outpatient or extended care support, we have addiction treatment programs that Oregon residents trust to help them overcome substance use.

We know that there is no such thing as a single treatment for everyone battling drug or alcohol addiction. That’s why our drug addiction treatment center near Hillsboro offers a number of programs for comprehensive recovery.

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment

During the early stages of drug or alcohol addiction treatment, you may require partial hospitalization following withdrawal. This can be a difficult time, but you are not alone. Many patients feel apprehensive about entering a facility for 30 days to complete their treatment.

Accountability is critical at this stage of recovery in order to keep you safe and on track. You may be in a fragile state and a danger to yourself and others. Hospitalization gives you access to advanced levels of care in a safe environment where you can concentrate on recovery. At Crestview Recovery, our caring staff carefully monitors your recovery. You are surrounded by others who have also made the first steps towards recovery.

Continuing Care at a Drug Addiction Treatment Center Near Hillsboro

patient at a hillsboro oregon drug addiction treatment centerOnce you complete your customized treatment plan, you have the tools you need to maintain your sobriety. You have begun to deal with the root causes of your alcohol or drug addiction and can confidently make plans for a life free of addiction. In addition, Crestview Recovery provides additional support to help you through the crucial first year of recovery. The Alumni Group introduces you to others who have also benefited from our drug addiction treatment center. Learn how these successful graduates have maintained their sobriety in trying times.

Crestview Recovery stresses the need to look at all areas of your life to maintain your recovery. For many, family dynamics may need a bit of work to produce an environment conducive to sustained sobriety. Our family program is designed to help loved ones mend their relationships to forge bonds of support and understanding.

Drug Addiction Treatment Center Program Overview

At Crestview Recovery, you can find treatment programs and options to suit your stage of recovery. Each program addresses the needs that are associated with a return to sober living. The broad continuum of care here attracts residents from Hillsboro, Oregon, and many other nearby areas. This is because of our great location that is surrounded by beauty and natural serenity, and the high quality of care we provide.

Here is an overview of the center’s successful treatment plans:

  • Extended care treatment: The first 30 to 90 days of recovery are critical. Through a combination of therapy and sharing, this program lets you build a foundation for clean living.
  • Outpatient rehab treatment: Ease back into real-world pressures. Life can seem like a scary place without the structure of inpatient emersion. Gain the support you need to hold onto your hard-won sobriety.
  • Alumni and family programs: These programs help your whole family heal and teach your family members the right way to offer help and encouragement. Communication is key at this stage to support continued growth.

Contact Us to Change Your Life Today

At Crestview Recovery, we know how hard it is to find a drug addiction treatment center near Hillsboro that meets your needs. We are here around-the-clock so we can help those who are ready to live a better life. Call us at 866.262.0531 for more information or to register for an addiction treatment program. We want to help you get this right care and lead a happy, productive life without the influence of drugs or alcohol.