Millions of people around the United States struggle with some form of alcohol abuse. One area that suffers greatly is Seattle, Washington. Finding alcohol rehab Seattle offers might seem like the best option, but many people benefit more from looking beyond the city. In fact, one area that is close to Seattle and still offers great alcohol rehab treatment is Portland, Oregon.

Why Travel for Rehab?

A man smiles into the camera glad he looked beyond the alcohol rehab Seattle offersThere are great rehab centers that offer addiction treatment in Seattle. However, some experts say that it’s best to travel to get help. It allows people to put some distance between themselves and the negative influences that contributed to their problem.

Eventually, people have to travel back home. With proper rehab, however, they can learn more about controlling their addictive impulses. They can also learn to pinpoint negative influences that led to the development of addiction in the first place. Learning to avoid these triggers can help them prevent relapse.

Some people don’t like to travel away from home because they don’t want to leave their families. However, sometimes addiction problems stem from the family. Getting some distance can help them realize this and allow them to work through their problems easier.

The Benefits of Alcohol Rehab Seattle Are Also in Portland

Many people start their search for drug rehab in Seattle because of the great programs in this city. What they fail to realize is that many of these services are available in Portland as well. In fact, they’re more likely to find some rehab programs in Portland, such as adventure therapy.

Adventure therapy is a popular type of experiential counseling that encourages activity over traditional therapy. This approach is important because it allows counselors to get an inside look at how people respond to activities.

Like Seattle, Portland puts a big emphasis on gender-specific rehab. This type of treatment focuses on the individual needs of men and women. Instead of trying to use the same program for both genders, it creates treatment programs around each of them. The end result is a more fulfilling rehab experience.

What to Look For

alcohol rehab in seattle

Whether or not people look for alcohol rehab Seattle offers, they should keep two key features in mind. Doing so gives them the best chance of finding a rehab center that can address their needs.

First, people need to look for a rehab center that offers trauma therapy. In numerous cases, trauma is the root cause of addiction. To overcome the disease, they have to deal with any trauma in their past first. Failure to address it usually results in relapse later.

People also need to look for a rehab center that offers extended treatment programs. They provide extra time in treatment. Everyone is different, so not everyone recovers at the same speed. Extended treatment takes these differences into account.

Crestview Recovery Wants to Help You

Alcohol rehab Seattle isn’t right for everyone. You might consider traveling outside of the state to Portland, Oregon. Crestview Recovery is a high-end rehab center in Portland. We focus on providing personalized treatment plans that fit your specific needs.

Like the alcohol rehab Seattle has, we combine traditional and holistic treatment options. We pride ourselves on putting your needs first while providing a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. Our programs focus on not only treating addiction but also preventing relapse. Some services that we offer include:

Don’t settle for the alcohol rehab Seattle has to offer. Consider traveling out of state to Crestview Recovery in Portland. Find out more about our programs by calling 866.262.0531.