woman smiling during hiking activity at the drug rehab center near Battle Ground WashingtonThe Pacific Northwest offers many opportunities, including one of the largest rehab groups in the country, our drug rehab center near Battle Ground. Many things can make a person hesitate when it comes to entering an official drug rehab center. Average programs tend to be overcrowded and located too close to home. Battle Ground drug rehab center at Crestview Recovery provides a high staff to client ratio with scenic locations.

What Our Drug Rehab Center Near Battle Ground Offers

At our drug rehab center near Battle Ground, you won’t have to fight to get one-on-one care. Our facility is a small, thirty-bed one. This allows us to provide healing to a fair number of individuals at any one time, yet keeps the number low enough, so you don’t feel lost in the process. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all policy. The rehab center near Washington individualizes programs to include:

Therapists or counselors conduct training and skill-building to help with addiction and dual diagnosis treatment near WA.

Full Treatment

Addiction doesn’t only affect the body. It changes the mind and soul as well. Our program is designed to strengthen all aspects of your mind, body, and soul to give you the greatest strength to carry with you into the future. From skiing and white-water rafting trips to yoga and art therapy near Battle Ground, we add substance to our counseling. Other family programs work to rebuild familial relationships and create support networks. At our drug rehab center near Battle Ground, we understand that you will be returning home in most cases. Family support can be among the top three areas of support during recovery, and we strive to strengthen your family dynamics to help you get that support.

Why Choose an Extended Stay Program?

Ninety days may seem like a long-time commitment, but let’s face it, substance use disorder has taken control of your life long enough. Addiction recovery can be challenging, but our drug rehab center provides all the programs, therapies, and support you need. We want you to be as healthy as possible as you return to the outside world. You will not only be recovering your health but will be learning new skills for interacting with the world. With an extended care addiction treatment program near WA, you have more of a chance to start making new responses more automatic. Residences are away from any potentially triggering locations so that you can learn how to avoid triggers safely. See how wonderful you feel, externally and internally, leading a drug and alcohol-free life during an extended stay. You have the chance to see the you that has been waiting for so long to emerge.

Our Rehab Center Near Battle Ground at Crestview Recovery

If you are seeking help for a drug or alcohol use problem anywhere near the Seattle, Portland, Oregon, Idaho, or Montana areas, contact Crestview Recovery today. Our program offers not only an extended stay for those who want or need a bit more time to get on the correct path, but we also provide the opportunity to enjoy activities that will make your body stronger. Call 866.262.0531 to enroll in activities at our drug rehab center near Battle Ground. Your new life can start today.