Alcohol is so common in our culture that it’s difficult to recognize when someone is abusing it. However, in 2018 more than 14 million adults suffered from alcohol use disorder. Yet, barely 8% found treatment. Alcohol abuse or alcohol use disorder is when an individual isn’t able to regulate their intake of alcohol. This can involve binge drinking as well as alcohol addiction. Long-term alcohol abuse can lead to damaging consequences. Crestview Recovery’s alcohol rehab center near Woodburn can help you regain control of your life. Our programs and treatments can help you learn to manage symptoms achieving lasting recovery.
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What is Alcohol Dependence?

Developing a dependence on any substance will vary from person to person. However, when it comes to alcohol use disorder, also called alcohol abuse, there are some common scenarios suggesting someone needs professional help.

For instance, perhaps the most common occurrence is finding yourself drinking more or longer than you had intended. There are times when commiserating with friends or family goes longer than expected. However, if you find yourself frequently drinking more and more during social situations, you may have a problem. Likewise, if you’ve made the decision to stop drinking or reduce your consumption but failed, you may have an issue. This is especially true if it’s happened to you more than once. Wanting to quit but finding yourself unable or unwilling denotes a dependency. While we all have urges and random cravings, finding yourself constantly thinking about alcohol or when the next time you will be able to drink is a red flag.

Some other signs you may have a dependence on alcohol include:

  • Spending much of your time drinking, getting alcohol, or recovering from drinking
  • Continuing to drink although it has directly interfered with your work, school, or personal life
  • Allowing yourself to be in risky or dangerous situations while drunk or drinking
  • You avoid activities, places, and people that don’t allow you to drink

Also, if you or a loved one shows any signs of withdrawal like hand tremors, excessive sweating, or nausea from ceasing to drink for even a few hours, help is needed.

How Our Alcohol Rehab Center Near

Crestview Recovery’s alcohol rehab center knows that every individual has a unique path to recovery. To make your sobriety lasting, counselors and therapists will work with patients to construct a plan to serve their needs best. After medically supervised detox, patients enter therapy and treatment, setting up their continued care once they leave their program.

Intensive outpatient treatment allows patients to visit friends and family or even return home in the evening during their therapy. Yet, it still delivers the highest level of care by providing a highly structured environment. Similarly, partial inpatient hospitalization (PHP) is an excellent option if you are physically dependent on alcohol. Since withdrawal symptoms can make it hard to remain sober, a PHP program can limit the severity of them. Doing so helps patients start their recovery on their terms. Finally, an outpatient alcohol rehab center can provide additional support in the early stages of recovery. It gives patients the chance to continue working their job, attending school, or being with their families.


Crestview Recovery

Alcohol use disorder can have severe consequences. For example, personal relationships can suffer, physical alignments can turn into major medical issues, and poor judgment can run individuals afoul of law enforcement, causing legal problems. At Crestview Recovery’s alcohol rehab center near Woodburn, we offer:

Don’t let the disease of alcohol abuse continue to put you or your loved ones at risk. Call us today at (866)262-0531 to find out more about our alcohol rehab center.

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