Families looking for a substance use treatment center in Oregon may struggle to find what they need. The Pacific Northwest does not have as many options as other regions of the country. It will be necessary to look around and travel to key areas of the state. For example, there is a drug rehab center near Keizer, Oregon that offers a comprehensive treatment program.
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Drug Rehab: What You Should Know

Crestview Recovery is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center located in Portland, which is under an hour from Keizer, Oregon. They work with people who are suffering from all kinds of addiction including heroin, opioids, meth and alcohol. There is a treatment option for everyone there.

The professional staff at Crestview understands that no two people suffering from addiction have the same treatment needs. They tailor each person’s care plan to create a personalized recovery strategy.

Crestview treats adults over the age of 18 and accepts insurance-based payments. They work with many different insurance companies, so they can do the legwork on the claim for you.

What to Expert From a Drug Rehab Near Keizer

Crestview is an outpatient drug addiction treatment center located under an hour away from Keizer, Oregon. This means you would travel to the facility for treatment but either go home at night or stay off-campus in one of Crestview’s structured communities.
Outpatient centers like this offer different levels of service. At Crestview, you can expect:

Each program takes a distinctive approach to healing. Partial hospitalization, for example, puts you in a structured

community near the center. Crestview Recovery has 30 beds available to patients. While there, you undergo treatment that is similar to what you would experience in a residential program but with more flexibility.
Each Crestview community offers spacious rooms and full kitchens. Many of the locations are remodeled homes that are rich, modern and comfortable. You live with others working towards recovery and have access to full-time staff support.

You will likely share a room with at least one other person but there are some private options available, too.

Not everyone needs that intensive level of care, though. Crestview also provides programs that offer regular daily meetings or even allow you to go to sessions a few times a week. The staff will do an initial assessment to determine what treatment plan best suits your needs.
The Crestview staff includes therapists and counselors that specialize in:

Recreational activities can be something simple like spending an hour in the gym or more complex such as rock climbing at an indoor facility. They offer a variety of fitness classes, too.


Rehabilitate Every Aspect of your Life

Crestview believes fun and relaxation has to be part of the therapeutic process. You can experience art therapy program, yoga therapy program and mediation as part of treatment.

Crestview has a life skills program that covers improving relationships, stress and anger management along with independent living.

The client-to-staff ratio at Crestview ensures you will meet with a specialist regularly. During this one-on-one time, you can explore your feelings and talk about the source of your addiction. Their goal is to help you develop healthy coping strategies and tools to find your way to sobriety.

You can also expect to attend group sessions during your time in treatment. Group sessions help you bond with other people going through recovery.

How Long is the Program?

Crestview is a long-term drug and alcohol addiction recovery program. Most patients stay with them for extended care that lasts about 90 days. Experts agree that rehab programs that last at least 90 days offer the best chance of success.

It’s time to move past your addiction and start healing. Contact us today at (866)262-0531 to find out more about Crestview Recovery.

Drug Rehab Center Near Keizer, Oregon

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