When people search for rehab facilities in Portland Oregon, they have many to consider. However, most people don’t make it a habit to look for rehab. As a result, they don’t know what to look for to get the best help for themselves or loved ones. Below are a few key features they should ensure their Portland rehab center offers.

Look for Rehab Facilities in Portland Oregon That Offer Dual Diagnosis Treatment

A woman stares into the camera thinking about the quality rehab facilities in portland oregonOne of the most important programs that any rehab center can offer is dual diagnosis treatment. Mental health conditions commonly accompany problems with addiction. In fact, addiction is a mental disease. After the brain develops one illness, it’s extremely easy for it to develop another.

Which one develops first, the addiction or the other mental disorder? It depends on the person, as both can lead to the other. For example, some people start drinking to relieve the symptoms of mental issues but end up developing an addiction. Others develop addictions that open the door to mental disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Dual diagnosis treatment helps people address both issues. Solely treating the addiction isn’t enough to set them up for long-term sobriety. For lasting recovery, they have to deal with the underlying issues that caused their addictions. In most cases, the underlying problems are other mental disorders.

Gender-Specific Treatment in Portland

Men and women have very different needs when it comes to addiction treatment. When they look for rehab facilities in Portland Oregon, they should consider one that offers gender-specific treatment. However, they must keep in mind that treating both men and women doesn’t mean that the facilities feature gender-specific programs.

For instance, a female- or male-focused program creates a treatment plan that addresses the needs of that specific gender. The result is a treatment plan that takes gender-related issues into account to support sufficient recovery. Not all Portland Oregon rehab centers offer this level of care, so it’s important to choose one that does.

Family Therapy Treatment

Family therapy is another great option to look for when searching for rehab facilities in Portland Oregon. It helps people who struggle with addiction in many ways. First of all, family counseling can uncover problems that stem from within the home. Such problems are often the root cause of substance abuse.

Family therapy also helps rebuild lines of communication between family members. Addiction puts a strain on the trust in family relationships. Family counseling can reopen lines of communication to start the healing process.

Once communication improves, families can provide support for loved ones who struggle with addiction. They act as support groups for them, which is crucial for life after rehab. Studies suggest that family members usually make the best support groups because they tend to interact on a daily basis.

Crestview Recovery Can Offer All of These Features and More

When you look for rehab facilities in Portland Oregon, consider Crestview Recovery. We offer dual diagnosis treatment, family therapy, and gender-specific care. However, our services don’t end there. Some of the others include:

At Crestview Recovery, we create truly customized treatment plans. Whether you’re male or female, we can plan a course of treatment that fits your unique needs. Our therapists can even help you overcome the trauma that has led you to abuse drugs. Our goal is to prepare you for ongoing sobriety. We treat:

Don’t spend the rest of your life wondering how to beat your addiction. Look for rehab facilities in Portland Oregon. Reach out to Crestview Recovery today at 866.262.0531 for more information.