Think of your addiction to alcohol or other drugs as a tiger. When he first came to live with you, he was a fluffy, cute cub. The two of you spent endless hours enjoying each other’s company and having fun. Then he grew big—his claws became lethal, and he developed an insatiable need for fresh meat. These days, you spend every day and night trying in vain to satisfy his never-ending appetite. He has taken over every aspect of your life, and all you can think about is how to get rid of him once and for all. Beating your addiction means finding recovery options that will banish the tyrannical tiger of dependency from your life.

Going in Alone

woman in rehab wonders about her recovery optionsIt’s a mistake to believe that you can conquer your drug or alcohol dependency on your own. Your addiction entwines itself into every aspect of your life. Even people you think of as friends and supporters might actually be enabling your dependency on heroin, meth, cocaine or prescription medications. Attempting to untangle all of these complex webs while simultaneously freeing your body from toxic substances is a Herculean task. You have a much better chance of success if you reach out to professionals and seek proven recovery options.

Take Your Sobriety Seriously

Just as you can’t pat your ravenous tiger on the head, tell him to find a new home and expect that he actually will obey you, you need to fight your addiction on many levels. That’s where the Crestview Recovery and addiction treatment center can help. Located in beautiful Portland, Oregon, Crestview Recovery welcomes men and women from all parts of the Pacific Northwest as well as Idaho and Montana. We accept all major forms of insurance, and our professional staff’s mission is to travel with you throughout your recovery journey.

When it comes to recovery options, you have a wide array of choices. Unfortunately, many of them use a “cookie cutter” approach that treats every person with the same strategies. At Crestview Recovery Center, we treat each of our clients and their addictions as unique. We spend a great deal of time carefully evaluating your medical, psychological, social and family situation. In addition, we talk with you at length about your history as well as your sobriety goals. Only then do we tailor an individualized, evidence-based recovery plan.

The Multi-faceted Approach to Recovery Options

Because we recognize that you’re a complex and unique person, our professionals craft a program just for you. It may involve the following strategies:

At Crestview Recovery Center, we’ll help you conquer your addiction. Using state-of-the-art individual and group therapy recovery options, you’ll gain the tools and strategies that will help you return to a sober life. Our partial hospitalization and follow-up programs will ensure that you have the support you need as you establish a foundation of a drug-free, healthy life. Throughout your time with us, we will also take time to work with your family members to ensure that your support system is strong and healthy.

We treat a variety of addictions, including:

Let today be the day when you take the first steps toward leaving that bullying tiger of addiction behind forever. Crestview Recovery Center is here to help you vanquish your dependence on alcohol or other drugs. Together, we will make sobriety your new reality. Call us at 866-580-4160 to get all of your questions answered.