The majority of drug overdose deaths involve opioids. These prescription painkillers, which include hydromorphone, are powerful drugs that can quickly lead to addiction. If you or a loved one is ready to get help for prescription drug addiction, you need more than a stint in a short-term detox facility. A high-quality hydromorphone addiction rehab program offers varying levels of care and comprehensive therapeutic options that help you maintain a successful recovery.

Do You Need A Hydromorphone Addiction Rehab Program?

woman talks to doctor about hydromorphone addiction rehab programIt’s easy to deceive yourself into thinking that your drug use is under control. Many doctors prescribe hydromorphone, brand names Dilaudid and Exalgo, to alleviate moderate to severe pain. Physicians and pharmacists recommend using the medication for a short period, however. If you use it to treat chronic pain, you may develop an addiction to the drug.

Hydromorphone can be habit-forming, especially with long-term use. It’s more likely to result in addiction if you take it more frequently or in larger doses than your doctor prescribes.

The substance becomes even more dangerous if you take it without the supervision of a doctor. Because it delivers a euphoric high, many people abuse the drug.

An addiction can creep up on you. If you find yourself needing to increase your dosage or take the medication more frequently to relieve your pain, you might be suffering from an addiction. If you don’t take the medication for pain but use it because you feel like it helps you function, improves your mood or makes you feel intoxicated, you might want to enroll in a hydromorphone addiction rehab program.

The Dangers Of Hydromorphone Addiction

When the desire to use a drug overpowers your ability to perform in your career, maintain healthy relationships or manage your finances, drug use becomes destructive. The hazards of drug addiction affect individuals, family, and society.

Hydromorphone addiction poses specific dangers that result from the way that the drug interacts with your body. When the drug enters your body, it stimulates opioid receptors. It also dulls the brain’s ability to receive pain signals and increases dopamine levels in the central nervous system. This results in a heightened mood and decreased sensitivity to discomfort.

Normally, your body releases dopamine when you perform pleasurable activities, like eating and exercising. The feel-good chemical makes you want to take part in those activities more often. When you consume drugs that increase your dopamine levels, your brain tells you to take more of the medication to get the same reward.

You also stop producing natural chemicals that make you feel good. Over time, you may become physically dependent on the drug. In fact, you may not feel normal if you don’t take the medication.

One of the major dangers of hydromorphone is that it can cause fatal respiratory problems. If you take too much or combine hydromorphone with other drugs, your heart could stop, you might have trouble breathing and you could lose consciousness or die.

Seeking Treatment Through A Hydromorphone Addiction Rehab Program

By the time you develop an addiction to a drug, you might not care that the substance is harming your health. Even if you’re worried about the medication’s effects on your physical, mental and social well-being, you might feel powerless to do anything about it.

There are options for opioid abuse treatment that help you rebuild your life without relying on drugs to make you feel good. At Crestview Recovery, we offer a prescription drug addiction rehab program that rejuvenates your overall health so that you can develop a solid, sober future.

Our hydromorphone addiction rehab program incorporates therapeutic modalities such as:

Our goal is to help you restructure your life from the inside out so that you gain control over your thinking patterns, stress responses, and behaviors. Call us at 866.262.0531 if you need a supportive, compassionate and evidence-based hydromorphone addiction rehab program.