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Methamphetamine is a synthetic stimulant that affects the central nervous system, causing jitteriness, bursts of euphoria, delusions, and aggression. People use meth to increase energy, lose weight, and feel confident, but–since meth is unregulated by the FDA–it is easy for people to take higher doses than they expected. Taking higher doses on a regular basis increases tolerance, causing people to need more and more of the drug. The effects of methamphetamine addiction include facial sores, extreme paranoia, antisocial behavior, isolation, aggression, and tooth loss. Contact Crestview Recovery in Portland to learn about our remarkable meth abuse treatment programs by calling 866.262.0531.

How is Meth Made?

meth addiction rehab in portland, oregonUnlike drugs derived from plants or created in professional laboratories, meth is often considered a “do it yourself” drug, manufactured at home or in makeshift meth labs. The process of making meth involves hazardous chemicals and equipment. Explosions in these “labs” can cause injury or death.

Meth Use Is Not Worth the Rush

Millions of Americans suffer from addictions to legal and illegal drugs. Meth causes users to feel extreme euphoria and confidence but leads to a harsh-come down. The addictive nature and harmful side effects of meth make this drug extremely dangerous. So what is substance abuse treatment like, and how do you know if you or someone you love needs help? Read on to find out more about the following Crestview Recovery meth addiction rehab programs:


If you are concerned that someone you love is suffering from their meth use, their access to addiction treatment may save their life. People are addicted to methamphetamine when their desire to use the drug consumes other aspects of their lives. Signs of methamphetamine use include rotten teeth, extreme paranoia or hallucinations, scabby skin, violent mood swings, shakiness, and delusional thoughts. The long-term physical and psychological side-effects from prolonged meth abuse can be extremely dangerous and even deadly. Side effects can include permanent brain damage or mental health problems, rotten teeth (“meth mouth”), skin infections, and cardiorespiratory problems. People suffering from meth addiction usually need meth detox programs and treatment in order to become sober. If quitting meth on your own hasn’t worked, contact Crestview Recovery in Portland to learn about our meth recovery treatment options.


 For people who are addicted to methamphetamine, there may be negative symptoms if the drug is stopped abruptly. This is also known as withdrawal and may include the following symptoms: depression, anxiety, agitation, fatigue, or mood swings. After a person has meth out of their system, the actual work of recovery begins. This can be a difficult time as tough memories or emotions may resurface. Fortunately, addiction counselors have the experience to help patients through this with a combination of individual counseling or group therapy and other exercises. Once an addiction is thoroughly processed, one can truly begin healing.


Seeking out help from addiction treatment programs may be confusing or scary, but it is ultimately a brave action that can help a person gain a new life. By recognizing the signs of meth abuse and battling them head-on, anyone can succeed in recovery. Contacting professionals at meth treatment centers, such as Crestview Recovery, is the first step in gaining more information about meth rehab. Overcoming meth use isn’t easy, but sobriety and recovery are possible with the right programs and recovery community. To learn more about our meth addiction programs, give us a call at 866.262.0531.