Men and women require different care and attention when it comes to drug rehab. Which is why at Crestview Recovery, our mens drug rehab program in Oregon focuses on gender-specific issues. Some of these issues are difficult to address during addiction treatment programs that focus on both sexes.

How a Mens Drug Rehab Program in Oregon Differs from Traditional Programs

Healing at our mens drug rehab program in Oregon

A men-only drug program differs from a co-ed program in a number of ways. The most obvious difference is that only men can enter these programs. Experts say that it’s easier for men to focus when there aren’t members of the opposite sex present. They’re also more likely to share their problems.

Experts believe that men talk less when women are around because of societal expectations. On a subconscious level, sharing their problems make them feel weak when women are present.

Another benefit is that male-only rehab programs reduce the chance of romantic relationships developing. Removing the element of attraction allows men to focus completely on the rehab experience.

Men-Only Therapy Groups

Therapy is more effective when people can focus on key issues that hit close to home. Unfortunately, studies show that men and women both worry about different issues. Some issues may overlap, but men usually need to spend more time on certain areas than women. Our rehab center offers an array of customized addiction therapy services tailored to treat the unique issues men may face while struggling with addiction.

Get the Gender-Specific Rehab That You Need

At Crestview Recovery, we understand that men and women have different needs in rehab programs. We’re proud to offer both men- and women-specific treatment. Each program caters to the needs of its intended target. Some different programs that we offer include:

Learn what it takes to overcome your drug addiction at Crestview Recovery. Remember that you don’t have to fight your addiction alone. Contact us today at 866.262.0531 for more information on the programs that we offer.