If you’re a woman struggling with an addiction problem, you might feel unsure about where to turn for reliable help. Moreover, if you’ve been through rehab before, you might doubt whether treatment can work at all. Whether this is your first or fifteenth attempt at recovery, you should know that real change is possible. A quality women’s rehab program that can be customized to meet your unique needs can help you put an end to substance abuse.

Understanding Addiction

A woman and a female clinician talking during a women's rehab program.Addiction is a disease that causes users to experience compulsive and chronic urges to seek and abuse a psychoactive substance. While the condition impacts people in different ways, these cravings affect anyone who has a full-blown addiction. Most users reach a point in their abuse where they want to get clean. Following through on this desire, however, is complicated because of cravings and withdrawal.

Extended use of a mind-altering substance leads to increased tolerance. From there, dependence and addiction are likely. Over time, a user’s brain becomes accustomed to the effects of the substance and believes these effects are necessary for proper function. If individuals suddenly cease or drop extended use in volume, they’re likely to experience an onset of withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal symptoms are the body’s way of reacting to the sudden cessation of a particular substance. Symptoms can range in severity from mild to severe but are usually not life-threatening. While symptoms can be uncomfortable for users, they’re actually an indication that the brain and body are working to repair themselves.

How a Women’s Rehab Program Can Help You

A women’s rehab program can help you get through withdrawal and prepare you for a drastic lifestyle change. To reach total rehabilitation, you should also address and identify your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Otherwise, you’ll find it difficult to remain committed to your new sobriety once treatment ends.

During the course of your women’s rehab program, you’ll gain many valuable tools for maintaining lifelong results. For starters, therapy is a great opportunity to work through the personal issues that fuel your addiction. During therapy, you can learn simple yet helpful life skills, such as grocery shopping and budgeting, to help make life more manageable after rehab. A counselor can also help you learn to identify your addiction triggers and develop relapse prevention tools.

The Comprehensive Help You Deserve is Available in Portland, Oregon

Don’t waste your time, money, or efforts on sub-par rehab treatment. To fully conquer your problem, you need the most effective treatment modalities available. At Crestview Recovery in Portland, Oregon, we provide our guests with some of the most esteemed programs in the country.

You don’t have to suffer through multiple failed rehab attempts before finally reaching true rehabilitation. The professionals overlooking our women’s rehab program have years of experience treating addiction from every angle. We’ll take your unique recovery needs into consideration when customizing your treatment plan.

Some of the programs and therapies that we offer at our facility include:

If you suffer from an underlying emotional disorder like depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder (BPD), we also offer dual diagnosis treatment and therapy.

As you can see, we offer an assortment of treatment methods to help a wide range of people achieve their long-term goals. No matter how deeply rooted in the cycle of abuse you find yourself, we have a program that can pull you out. True and enduring change can be yours, and it’s achievable in less time than you might think.

The Road to Recovery Begins in Portland

Addiction is powerful, but you have the strength to overcome this life-altering obstacle. If you’re ready to end substance abuse and start rebuilding your life, place your care in the professionals at Crestview Recovery in Portland, Oregon.

Our team of rehab specialists is eager and ready to offer expertise and compassionate support while you work towards a full recovery. We’d like to invite you to learn more about our programs and addiction therapy services by calling us toll-free at 866.262.0531. One telephone call could be the start of a long line of positive changes.