Millions of Americans suffer from addictions, with nearly 30% of young men reporting that they binge drink. But how do you know if casual drinking is starting to get out of control and turning into an alcohol addiction? And how do you know if you or a loved one needs help? Read on to find out more about Crestview Recovery Centers alcohol addiction rehab program.

What is Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol Addiction?

Lady in need of an alcohol addiction rehab programIt is important to remember that the term “alcohol abuse” is different than addiction. When someone abuses a chemical like alcohol, it is a sign they may be physically dependent – or addicted – to it. Symptoms of alcohol addiction include abusing alcohol, frequent blackouts, incoherent behavior, hiding alcohol, and erratic or violent actions. It may be hard to admit that you or a loved one is suffering from symptoms of addiction but the facts are that long-term side effects from alcohol use include liver disease, high blood pressure, brain damage, heart disease, and a potentially devastating loss of relationships that one holds dear.

Of course, when these symptoms occur, it is a clear sign that help is needed for you or your loved one. When treatment is being sought, it is important to think of what the next steps will be when looking for treatment.

What Happens When You Begin an Alcohol Addiction Rehab Program?

Deciding that you need an alcohol addiction rehab program is not easy. There may be many emotional and physical reactions to this lifestyle change. Fortunately, rehabilitation centers have professionals on hand at all times to ensure guests are comfortable and safe as they begin their journeys to sobriety. There can sometimes be symptoms when a person suddenly stops drinking alcohol. This is also known as withdrawal, and can include nausea or vomiting, profuse sweating, agitation and other discomfort. Doctors and treatment specialists help newly-admitted guests through this period so that the recovery process can fully begin. Once the alcohol is out of someone’s system, they can begin the next phase of treatment. A lot of this has to do with soul-searching to find out where the initial alcohol abuse came from. No one wakes up one day and decides to be an alcoholic, but it can happen to anyone. Addiction counselors assist guests through individual and/or group therapy and other activities to ensure they can unpack emotionally. Joining support groups and other people in recovery is also helpful and the professionals at the facility assist with that.

How Do I Ask for Help for Myself or A Loved One?

It is not easy to admit powerlessness over an aspect of your life, but it is incredibly brave. There are people out there who understand the complicated nature of addiction and can help you or a loved one negotiate their way to a new life. Reaching out to the professionals at Crestview Recovery is the first step in beginning this chapter. Alcohol addiction treatment is a process, but there is a team ready to fight the battle right alongside you.

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