If addiction affects you or a loved one, don’t lose hope for a total recovery. Addiction is a tough disease to conquer, but you can do it with the right kind of help. Professional substance abuse treatment at a top-level drug addiction rehab can help you stop abusing drugs or alcohol and adopt a sober lifestyle. The healthy, independent, and productive future you dream of can be yours if you’re ready to put in the work.

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Why You Need to Enroll In a Drug Addiction Rehab Program

Drug addiction rehab at Crestview RecoveryIf you’ve developed an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you know that you can’t just make up your mind to stop abusing. Addiction is a condition marked by compulsive and recurring urges to find and consume a substance to feel its psychoactive effects. No matter how much you want to get clean, these urges will work to keep you entrenched in the cycle of abuse.

Substance abuse is a serious problem, but you can manage it. If you’re ready to stop abusing and regain control over your life, it’s time to find professional assistance. Don’t wait until addiction has robbed more of your joy, health, or time.

How Rehab Can Help You End the Abuse

There are many benefits to seeking treatment at a quality drug addiction rehab facility. For genuinely useful help, choose a program that provides an individualized plan, based on your unique history of addiction. Avoid treatment that is too vague, since it will likely not be sufficient enough to produce the drastic results that you desire.

Also during rehab, you can take advantage of the opportunity for extensive addiction counseling and therapy. You can work through any personal problems that feed your addictive tendencies during therapy sessions with a qualified psychologist. You can also learn helpful coping methods and relapse prevention tools that promote lasting rehabilitation.

Many people who abuse drugs or alcohol also have a co-occurring mental disorder, such as depression, anxiety, or Bipolar Disorder (BPD). If you’re dealing with an underlying emotional issue, find a program that offers dual diagnosis treatment. This effective therapy can treat both your addiction and mental imbalances while striving towards total and lasting rehabilitation.

Consider Treatment at Our Oregon Rehab Center

If you’re looking for a quality rehab, discover the treatment options available at Crestview Recovery in Portland, Oregon. Our drug addiction rehab center can customize a treatment plan that’s right for you. You won’t have to face treatment alone because our professionals will be by your side through each step of the process.

If you choose us for your treatment, your recovery plan might include some of the following programs and therapies:

  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP)
  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP)
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Group therapy and individual therapy

We also offer an aftercare program and an extended 90-day program for those who need a little extra support. We provide ongoing support to help our clients achieve and maintain the lifelong sobriety that they desire.

Begin Your Rehabilitation Journey Now

Don’t put your future sobriety in the hands of a sub-par drug addiction rehab program. The comprehensive, compassionate, and effective treatment you need to conquer addiction is available at Crestview Recovery in Portland, Oregon. If you’re ready to permanently put substance abuse behind you, reach out to our rehab counselors by dialing 866.262.0531. We’re willing and eager to put you on the path to a radical lifestyle change!