Putting a serious drug addiction behind you is one of the most difficult wars you’ll ever fight. It will require a degree of strength and determination you never thought you possessed. But when you come to understand why it’s so challenging and carefully plot your battle plan, you can attain your goal of drug recovery.

The Most Destructive Drug Recovery Myth

smiling woman enjoys life in drug recoveryWhen you think about banishing addictive substances from your life, your mind might take you immediately to the detox process. To an extent, you’re correct. You absolutely must cleanse your body of the heroin, cocaine, opioids or meth that are causing your life to spiral out of control. However, the myth is that detox and recovery are one and the same. In fact, purifying your body is only the first step in a long sobriety journey. Detox is pointless without the essential work of getting to the root of your addiction and building the foundation for a healthy and sober life.

Vital Support Network

Addiction has a nasty way of ruining every aspect of your life. Most likely, your behaviors have strained or broken many relationships with friends and family. Your career may be in shambles, and your finances have probably suffered. Dealing with the fallout of months or years of addiction is extremely overwhelming. In fact, it can be so overwhelming that many addicts succumb to the stress and fall back into their destructive lifestyle.

That’s why it’s crucial that you get support from a drug recovery center whose staff truly understands all facets of addiction. If you live in Montana, Idaho or the Pacific Northwest, your treatment options are few and far between. Fortunately, Crestview Recovery, located in beautiful Portland, Oregon, represents the gold standard of comprehensive addiction recovery care.

The Crestview Recovery Center Difference

Crestview Recovery isn’t an assembly line that spits out thousands of so-called “recovered” addicts each year. Instead, we take the time to conduct a thorough evaluation of your personal, psychological and medical history. This allows us to arrive at a treatment plan that will attack your addiction at its roots. Our clinical spaces are beautiful, safe and private. We create this environment because we know that maximum healing and rehabilitation are fostered through positivity. Someone entering our program can expect the following advantages and amenities:

Solidifying Your Support Network

Long after you’ve graduated from Crestview Recovery Center, you’ll still need the ongoing help and support of the people close to you. Crestview’s expert staff offers a family program that will show you and your loved ones how to heal and strengthen your relationships. After all, it will be these people whom you will need to lean on in difficult times. Crestview’s family program, along with our dynamic alumni activities, offer you a lifeline as you create a new, clean and sober life for yourself out in the world.

Think of your substance abuse as an enemy that you must conquer. Just as nations send armies to vanquish an enemy, you should assemble a team of highly skilled professionals to help you put your addiction behind you. At Crestview Recovery Center, we are committed to walking with you during every step of your healing. Call our friendly, experienced staff today at 866-580-4160 and start your recovery today.