Individualized Addiction Treatment

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The role of an addiction therapist is to serve as a guide for people who suffer from drug and alcohol addictions. This type of therapist helps others reclaim their lives by motivating them to make serious steps toward lasting change.

Through counseling sessions, the therapist who specializes in addiction helps people identify triggers that cause them to use. People struggling with drug or alcohol abuse can count on their therapist to encourage them through weak moments.

Drug and alcohol abuse can negatively affect every aspect of a person’s life. The heavy toll often impacts the person’s health. Yet, the right recovery program can lead to a better life. Therapists provide a positive atmosphere that also encourages people to try to mend broken relationships.

Questions to Ask an Addiction Therapist

smiling man fills out forms for addiction therapistIndividuals who seek treatment for a drug or alcohol abuse problem may have questions. Asking about the treatment approach for their problem isn’t unusual. Before making a decision, the person should know what services an addiction therapist offers through a treatment facility.

The therapist should describe a structured process that also has flexibility based on individual needs. A good therapist will mention evidence-based treatment methods, which indicates the rehab center has a commitment to true recovery.

Another good question to ask is whether the rehab facility has family therapy programs. A person recovering from an addiction can find more encouragement to continue with the support of family members. Part of therapy should be to educate family members about their loved one’s addiction.

The Role of an Addiction Therapist in Substance Abuse Recovery

Kicking a drug or alcohol abuse habit is a major accomplishment. Detox at a qualified facility is the beginning of facing this long-term fight against cravings and avoiding relapse. Counseling is the next essential part of treatment.

Not addressing what might have caused the addiction leaves a person vulnerable to returning to using once they leave rehab. The role of an addiction therapist during this time can help people understand the “why” behind their abuse of drugs and/or alcohol.

Therapists can also help people work through problems that they’ve been making with drinking and/or drug use.

Many people who abuse alcohol and drugs also have a mental health disorder. A therapist can help them identify, understand, and manage conditions such as depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder.

Customizing an approach that considers these factors may include group or individual therapy, or both in order to address a person’s specific needs.

Benefits of Therapy for Substance Abuse

Typically, therapy doesn’t begin until begin until a person completes a separate detoxification program. Benefits from therapy sessions may include:

  • Addressing trauma to uncover issues that may derail recovery and put a person on the path to relapse
  • Identifying underlying issues including anxiety, health problems, family dysfunction or anything else that might trigger drug/alcohol use
  • Becoming self-aware by improving self-esteem
  • Improving or developing communication skills where a person becomes comfortable with being honest with their feelings
  • Learning to manage stress without resorting to substance use
  • Overcoming shame from doing and saying regrettable things while engaging in their drug of choice
  • Start the Path to a Sober Life with Help from an Addiction Therapist

Getting past the shame of drug addiction is possible with help from the right treatment center. Crestview Recovery offers different therapy settings to help counter the powerful effects of addiction.

We offer comprehensive addiction recovery programs to fit individual needs. Crestview addiction treatment programs include:

No matter how long you’ve been dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction, it isn’t too late to get the help you deserve. Crestview Recovery is ready to help you take the first step toward a happier, sober life. Call us at 866.262.0531.