Substance abuse is a wrecking ball that destroys finances, relationships, families, and lives. In general, substance abuse treatment programs help people with addiction to break the chains of their dependency.

Much more than simply taking the substance of choice away, excellent drug treatment programs in Oregon help clients to understand the source of their dependency and explore the triggers that cause them to abuse substances, even against their own better judgment. Additionally, the best addiction treatment programs recognize that each client has his or her own unique needs and motivations and will craft a treatment protocol with the individual in mind. That is, in fact, what makes Crestview Recovery Center in Portland, Oregon one of the premier addiction treatment facilities in the country.

Only 1.5% of the nearly 22 million people suffering from drug addiction got the help they needed in 2018.

Don’t let yourself slip through the cracks, get the help you need today. Call Crestview Recovery now!

Who Does Crestview Serve?

We are a premier gender-specific addiction rehab program in the Pacific Northwest, serving patients in Oregon, Washington, California, Utah, and Montana. Because we accept many forms of insurance, most of our clients don’t have to deal with the burden of paying the full cost for their time with us. We offer help for all types of substance addictions, including the following:

Furthermore, we make it our number one priority to craft an individualized plan with each of our clients that takes their unique situation into account. This approach maximizes the success of recovery.

doctor speaking with patient in office about drug treatment programsThe Importance of Detox at drug Treatment Programs

When new clients begin at a residential and inpatient treatment program, the first step is to do a complete medical evaluation. We then enter the client into a medically supervised detoxification at our partner facility to ensure that he or she goes through the withdrawal process safely.

Medically supervised detoxification is vital. Many individuals with substance use disorder believe they can self-detox, or go ‘cold turkey.’ However, there are serious health risks when an individual undergoes detox. Many of the withdrawal symptoms are unknown to people as are their effects on the body. For example, common substance use disorder withdrawal symptoms can include:

  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Headache
  • Sweating and nausea
  • Panic attacks
  • Tremors
  • Insomnia and irregular sleep
  • Hypertension and heart issues
  • Hallucinations


Depending on the drug abused, the duration of withdrawal can vary. For instance, heroin and prescription opiates can have symptoms lasting up to five days. Cocaine users can experience withdrawal for more than a week. Those suffering from alcohol use disorder can experience withdrawal symptoms for several weeks after ceasing use. Of course, every individual’s experience is different. This is due to the fact that individual physiology as well as the substance used, amount used, and duration of use all factor into how people experience withdrawal. What is shared across all users is the danger to their bodily and mental health that going unsupervised when detoxing poses.

We have treatment programs covering most substance use disorders such as:

Often, individuals attempting to self-detox relapse due to the severity of their symptoms. Thus, the process actually sets an individual back farther from making a recovery. Similarly, when an individual manages to go ‘cold turkey’ they tend to experience more intense cravings while being surrounded by individuals or in environments where using is easily done. This raises the risk of relapse. Further, when an individual with substance use disorder relapses, they may not be aware their body’s tolerance has changed during self-detox. People will use the same amount or form of their substance of choice but actually overdose leading to death.

Medically supervised detox provides a controlled environment. With medical professionals monitoring the patient’s progress, individual safety is virtually guaranteed. If health issues due to withdrawal symptoms to arise, people are there to assist and help patients. Detoxing is no minor issue. It takes courage and conviction to attempt. However, the best way to succeed isn’t alone but with support. Doing so allows individuals to clear their system and enter a proper rehabilitation program.

All of the employees from house techs and case managers to therapists and upper management were helpful, informative, knowledgable, and supportive. I couldn’t have asked for a better team. Staff is extremely cooperative and supportive. Program, staff and facility are flexible and able to handle unexpected situations. Any weaknesses I witnessed were handled immediately.

– Kelly

Substance use disorder is widespread; you aren’t alone. Crestview Recovery can guide you on the path to recovery.

The Partial Hospitalization Experience

In most cases after detox, clients then enter our partial hospitalization program for anywhere from 30 to 90 days. As is the case with most drug treatment programs, this is the “meat and potatoes” of recovery. However, unlike many substandard centers, Crestview’s staff and clients partner together to get to the core causes of addiction, root them out and begin to build a foundation of healthy thought processes and activities. From here, our clients can begin to build a sober, rich life.

Knowing that each person’s struggle with substance use disorder is unique, Crestview Recovery’s counselors and therapists make it a point to craft a therapeutic plan that will work best for patients. The best way to do this is with active input and involvement from the patient. A few of the traditional and alternative therapy programs we offer include:

These and other treatment programs such as our intensive outpatient treatment and our extended care addiction treatment program give patients the options they need to heal. As active participants in their recovery, patients take control of their lives away from addiction in a more certain and confident manner. In order to make that happen, we at Crestview Recovery provide areas that are comfortable, bright and pleasant. We also believe that a successful recovery isn’t possible without bringing fun and laughter into the treatment plan. That’s why we offer social and recreational activities such as white-water rafting, snowboarding, and skiing as invaluable stepping-stones toward our clients’ recovery.

Some therapies you can explore with us include:

a group of people talk about drug addiction treatmentTransitioning Into the Community

Quality drug treatment strategies don’t end when a client walks out the door after graduating from rehab. At Crestview Recovery, that’s just the beginning of an ongoing supportive relationship with clients, families, and staff members. We understand that addiction is a disease that can often rear its ugly head when a newly sober person goes back out into their familiar surroundings.

That’s where our outpatient follow-up and alumni programs can provide an indispensable safety net. Supporting a client’s recovery until he or she can put outside coping strategies in place is crucial. We offer the following support programs to keep our clients’ recovery going in the right direction:

Not all drug treatment programs are equal. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, make today the day you begin to transform your life. Call Crestview Recovery Center at 866.262.0531 and take control of your life again.