Going to a drug rehab center is a big decision, but probably the best one that you will ever make. If you live near or around Albany, going to a drug rehab center in a neighboring town may be more conducive to your recovery to avoid triggers and heal in a new environment. You may not have accepted that you have a substance abuse problem, but getting help will make all of the difference in the world no matter where you are at. Going to an addiction treatment center in Oregon is a positive experience that you will never forget.

What is Addiction?

Addiction is a conundrum to most. It will make people do things that they never dreamed they would do. Addiction confuses family members and loved ones. People used to think it was a result of a moral failing, but now we know that addiction does not discriminate. A person can become addicted no matter how immoral or kind they are. They can become addicted if they are rich or poor, and anyone of any skin color, religion, or race can become addicted.

If addiction is universal for people, then how does it happen? You become addicted when your use changes your brain chemistry. As you use drugs or alcohol or become addicted to anything else that you are doing your brain gets used to having that stimulus. Without the stimulus, you don’t feel normal. Your brain tells you that you need substances or that stimulus to feel normal.

  • You Use
  • You Build Up a Tolerance
  • Need More To Feel Normal
  • Your Brain Tells You That The Stimulus is More Important Than Food
  • You Can No Longer Control Your Use

The amount of time that it takes for this transformation to happen varies from person to person and stimulus to stimulus. The bottom line is that you are not to blame, and being addicted does not make you a bad person. You now know that you have the choice to make a positive change by getting help with your addiction at an Oregon Drug Addiction Treatment Center near Albany.

What to Expect at a Drug Rehab Center Near Albany, Oregon 

a group therapy session at a Albany Drug Rehab CenterWhen you go into an addiction treatment center in Oregon, know that you will be accepted for the person that you are, not what the addiction has turned you into. Most people are unable to do this because it is hard for them to understand where you are coming. Likely because they have not been there themselves.

The first order of business at your rehab is to make sure that you have your bearings and know where you are supposed to be. If you are in residential rehab, your luggage will be checked, and you will be able to get settled into your room. Need to go to a detox facility first, then this will all happen when you get out. If you are going to a separate detox first, make sure that you go straight into your residential or intensive program afterward. This is crucial so that you don’t risk relapsing right off.

It took you a long time to become addicted, and it will take you a while to beat your addiction. You are going to rehab to find the best ways to do this for you. One of the primary focuses in our Oregon drug addiction treatment center is to learn new skills and ways that you can stay sober in the long run. You will likely be exposed to many types of treatment, such as:

During all of this, you will learn about what works for you and what does not. From that information, you will begin to formulate an aftercare plan that you can comfortably live by. Your aftercare plan is your road map for remaining sober over the long run.

Contacting a Drug Rehab Facility

At Crestview Recovery, we treat a variety of addictions, including:

If you are ready to overcome your addiction and live the life, you have been waiting for call Crestview Recovery, a Drug Rehab Center near Albany, at 866.262.0531 today. We can’t wait to speak with you and help you get on the path to recovery.