Going to an Oregon rehab center to improve your life is a courageous decision. It is hard to admit that you have an addiction problem. It is harder to overcome once you get there. Like with anything, with a little bit of perseverance and desire, you can do anything. Getting the help that you need at an Oregon addiction treatment center to get over your addiction will make a world of difference. People become addicted to all kinds of things every day, make the right choice and get help now at a drug rehab in Oregon.
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What is Addiction?

Addiction is one of the hardest things that you will ever have to deal with. When you are addicted to something, your brain is telling you that getting that something or doing that something is more important in some cases than even living. How can this possibly make sense? Onlookers are often puzzled at how people that are addicted will act. Just know that it is not your fault, and you can do something about it.

When you become addicted, you stimulate parts of your brain. Your brain adapts to this stimulus, and you build up a tolerance. As you build a tolerance, your brain needs more and more of the substance or activity to feel normal. As you continue in this cycle, you become more and more dependent on that substance to feel OK. Parts of your brain are signaling to your prefrontal cortex, the decision-making area, that obtaining the substance or carrying out the activity is more important than eating or living.

How the cycle of addiction happens:

  • You Start Using Because it Makes You Feel Good
  • Build Up a Tolerance
  • You Need More And More Substance To Feel Normal
  • Your Usage Or Activity Is Out Of Control

As you can see, addiction does not care what kind of person you are or who you hang out with, how much money you have, none of it. People become addicted as they use things and grow accustomed to having them in their systems. The same goes for additive activities. The hard part is realizing what is happening before it is too late. Once you become addicted, you should seek out professional help to get your life back on the right track at an Oregon rehab center.

What to Expect at an Oregon Rehab Center

Drug rehab in Oregon is going to be a friendly place where you will go to learn and grow along with your peers. If you choose to do a residential program, you will be made as comfortable as possible while you go through the detoxing stage. It is important that you detox at a facility. Detoxing at home or on your own, you risk relapsing and missing your date to go into rehab.

Once you get to rehab, you will be moving into your room after the center checks your luggage for prohibited items. You will also turn in your medication and any mobile devices. While you are at an Oregon rehab center, you are to be working on yourself, what types of things work for you, and how you are going to stay sober over the long term. For this reason at rehab, you will be introduced to many different types of therapy and group work in the hopes that you can create an aftercare plan that will work or you.

Here are some of the types of therapy you can expect to be exposed to:

As you learn about the things that work for you and the things that don’t you will work on your aftercare plan. This is the set of directions that you will take home with you that will help to keep you sober. Addiction is no fun, figure out the best way for you to fight it today.

Contacting a Drug Rehab Center

Crestview Recovery is a premier Oregon Rehab Center. We offer many levels of care as well as specially tailored programming. Give us a call at (866)262-0531 to talk about how we can help you get on the path to recovery. Call today!

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