Doctor helping patient in the Alcohol Rehab Center near AlbanyLocated in Linn County, which is in Albany, Oregon, has a population estimate of 54,453. With plenty of lush parks, trails, and cultural events for everyone to enjoy, Albany offers diverse experiences. At the same time, along with the nightlife, there is the propensity for drinking and drugs, which is right with any town you visit. The same can be said about Albany, too. However, with the help of alcohol rehab center near Albany, you can gain strength to overcome the problems of alcohol. A drug alcohol rehab center in Oregon is a place where people struggling with these substances can find help and hope for their journey to healing.

Alcohol Statistics 

It is legal for adults to consume, it is easy to overlook the deadly consequences of alcohol consumption. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, approximately 86 % of Americans 18 years or older say they have consumed alcohol at some point in their lives. Furthermore, about 56 % of people have had a drink in the last month. Binge drinking is another problem, with an estimated 27 % participating in this habit within the past month.

Drinking alcohol also has financial consequences for society. The effects of alcoholism cost the United States approximately $249 billion, with much of the cost going toward binge drinking behavior.

Alcohol can poison your body and often leads to death. Approximately 88,000 people die a year due to alcohol-related causes, which represents more than opioid overdoses.

Alcohol Withdrawal Timeline

People who have alcohol use disorder may wonder what to expect when going through alcohol withdrawal at an alcohol rehab center near Albany. The first week is always the most serious. You may notice symptoms of withdrawal 6-12 hours after your last drink. These symptoms may not be too severe and include moodiness, nervousness, cravings, and stomach upset.

In 12 -24 hours, you may go through more intense withdrawal symptoms such as an irregular heartbeat, confusion, elevated blood pressure, and tremors. The worst of the symptoms could occur in 48 – 72 hours after your last drink. At this time, it is possible to have seizures. Of course, symptoms vary depending on how long and how much a person has drunk. However, with the care of an alcohol rehab center near Albany, you will make it through the withdrawal period and begin the work of inner healing.

Programs of an Alcohol Rehab Center near Albany

When entering an alcohol addiction treatment center near Albany, you will participate in programs and therapies designed to guide you to a safe recovery.

Therapists will help you get to the root of the alcohol problem. By addressing any underlying mental health concerns, the therapist will ensure a reduced risk of relapse. If you do have a co-occurring mental health disorder, then the therapist will begin dual diagnosis treatment.

Our alcohol rehab center near Albany understands how common dual diagnosis is among people with a drug or alcohol disorder. By addressing and treating the underlying mental health needs, the person can make progress and heal.

Find Hope for Alcohol Addiction

Welcome to Crestview Recovery, a place where healing and hope meet those struggling with alcohol. Our premier location in the Pacific Northwest is a place to find peace and sobriety. A dedicated care facilitator will ensure you enroll in the program that is best suited to your unique needs. Some of our treatment programs include:

Don’t let alcohol addiction control your life. Hope and a brighter future await you at an alcohol rehab center near Albany. You will overcome these problems when you take the first step. Contact us at 866.262.0531, and we’ll get you on the right pathway.