Deciding on the right treatment program is difficult. You may suffer addiction as a constant struggle, a roller coaster ride between the peaks of sobriety and the pitfalls of relapse. Or you may succeed after your first stint in rehab. But one thing is certain, that residential rehab treatment is the most complete level of care for addiction, offering the most promise for lasting sobriety.

Several factors determine the type of treatment you need. These factors include:

  • Need for detox or medical care
  • Intensity of your substance abuse history
  • Need for skills development for better relationships and opportunities
  • Quality of your home environment
  • Need for specialized therapy as part of dual diagnosis care
  • Potential for relapse during rehab
  • Presence of negative influences in your everyday life

Comparing Residential Rehab to Outpatient Treatment

woman participates in group therapy at residential rehabOutpatient treatment serves the needs of many people. But residential treatment offers many benefits that outpatient treatment can’t. The biggest benefit exists in how residential rehab combines all of the treatment methods in an intensive, daily, convenient setting. In residential treatment you’re fully immersed in gaining solid recovery.

Other benefits of residential treatment include gaining care and focused treatment with structure. This structure exists every hour of the day, every day of the week. People in residential programs completely focus on recovery. They are able to meet recovery goals more easily because of this 24/7 commitment.

Of course, when you achieve goals, your confidence grows. With higher confidence, you strengthen in recovery. These are the reasons why the intense focus of residential treatment often works so well. However, one thing that worries potential clients is that residential treatment costs more than outpatient services.

Because outpatient treatment is less costly, many people make their decision as a result of finances. However, cost shouldn’t be the deciding factor in which rehab program you enter. Outpatient treatment doesn’t offer the structure or intense focus that residential programs do. In addition, outpatient doesn’t protect you from relapse or provide 24/7 support like residential treatment does, either.

Outpatient treatment often works well for people with less advanced addiction. Clients with healthy home support systems can benefit in outpatient rehab. Being in an outpatient program also allows you to keep working, going to school or taking care of family while you get the rehab you need. Of course, all of this freedom means you also need to guard your sobriety much more closely than peers in residential rehab programs.

Benefits of Residential Rehab

Being in a closed environment where you can focus on recovery forms helps you form a group of tight-knit peers. This support can be critical in your recovery success. You’re able to dig more deeply into the underlying conditions that led to your addiction. You can focus more completely on the causes of your addiction to learn how to prevent relapse.

Being in residential treatment means you can correct a wider range of problems in your life, such as nutritional imbalances, physical fitness issues and health problems while getting treatment for addiction. Additionally, you’ll begin to rebuild relationships with the help of supportive staff who will help teach your family about addiction and provide family counseling.

There is a wide range of benefits to residential drug and alcohol treatment. More than anything, this form of rehab is a time for you to focus on your own needs. You can let the worries of the world slip away for the time you are in treatment. This intense focus is an equally intense learning experience that can change your life.

Residential Treatment in the Pacific Northwest

If you’re seeking residential drug or alcohol addiction treatment in the Pacific Northwest, Crestview Recovery provides the level of care you need. At Crestview Recovery you can gain a variety of therapies that you’ll need for strong recovery. Dual diagnosis treatment ensures complete wellness for lasting sobriety.

Crestview Recovery programs don’t end with residential treatment. Options for rehab include:

You can find the program you need at Crestview Recovery in Portland, Oregon. Call Crestview Recovery now at 866-262-0531 for more information about available substance abuse treatment programs.