The first step toward recovery for many individuals struggling with a substance dependence is acknowledging they have a problem. The next step is searching for an addiction treatment Oregon facility that addresses their specific needs. This means connecting with a program that can help them restore their overall well-being, health, and true happiness.

There are many drug and alcohol treatment facilities to help individuals get their lives back on track. However, it’s critical to find one that meets their individual standards of care.

Looking for Addiction Treatment in Oregon

addiction treatment oregon landscapeRecovering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs is not easy. Achieving and maintaining long-term sobriety takes a significant amount of self-discipline and willpower. The benefits of getting addiction treatment at a facility Oregon offers means a person isn’t facing recovery alone.

In addition to the support of family and friends, rehab professionals use evidence-based methods for greater success. The approach to treating an addiction could mean the difference between long-term recovery and repeated relapse.

The type of treatment some individuals need isn’t immediately obvious. It takes accurate diagnosis, then matching the individual with an appropriate treatment plan.

When seeking a rehab addiction treatment program Oregon offers, it’s best to find one that treats the full scope of an individual’s problems. This includes those that offer dual diagnosis treatment to simultaneously treat mental health disorders and substance abuse.

Facilities that do more than treat the addiction are invaluable to an individual’s chances of full recovery. Addressing their lifestyle, as well as emotional and psychological factors, is equally important.

Therapy for Addiction Treatment in Oregon

Needs, recommended length of treatment, and level of care often determines the type of treatment an individual receives. The primary therapist develops a treatment plan with input from other specialists and the individual seeking help.

Some individuals need family therapy as well as one-on-one and group counseling. These sessions may include significant people in the individual’s life such as a spouse, sibling, or parent.

Dialectical behavioral therapy is a form of cognitive behavior treatment that emphasizes learning new strategies and skills. Sessions involve reinforcing the reality that an individual can have a life worth living away from addictive behaviors.

Substance abuse affects people in different ways. Studies show that addiction treatment is most successful when options target individuals’ experiences.

For this reason, some people may find that being in a rehabilitation program designed for a specific gender is most helpful.

Benefits of Gender-Specific Rehab When Searching for Addiction Treatment Oregon Offers

There is a variety of benefits of gender-specific rehab at facilities offering addiction treatment in Oregon and nearby states. Some individuals might find a drug counseling session with members of the opposite sex distracting.

Gender-specific rehab gives individuals space to feel more comfortable in recovery. For some, it’s easier to relate to experiences that are often specific to their gender.

Rehabs that offer gender-specific programs can address these experiences in a sensitive, supportive and nondiscriminatory setting.

Don’t Wait to Reclaim Your Freedom from Addiction

Addiction affects every aspect of your well being. That’s why Crestview Recovery uses a comprehensive approach to get you off a self-destructive path. Our holistic and customized treatments provide opportunities to care for your body, mind, and spirit.

Our specialized treatment services address specific challenges and risks you face in overcoming drug or alcohol addiction. We have a wide range of addiction therapy services such as:

Crestview is here to help you make it through each day with rehab and support. You can overcome your addiction the addiction treatment Oregon offers. Contact us at 866.262.0531 to begin your recovery journey.