Individualized Addiction Treatment

Crestview Recovery

For those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, finding a drug rehab center near Oregon City that works can be challenging on a number of levels. Often, the aftercare options are as important as the treatment program itself. At Crestview Recovery, you or your loved one find a caring staff that guides you through the process, which includes a full medical evaluation, outpatient treatment, and follow-up care plans for the critical days, weeks, and months following your rehab program.

Whether you’re battling an addiction to prescription drugs, heroin, meth, alcohol, or another substance, we can help. At Crestview, you are treated like a person, not a statistic, and everyone receives a customized program for their unique needs. For example, our alcohol addiction rehab center in Oregon reaches out to the 17% of adults in the U.S. who binge drink on a regular basis.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

One of every six American adults drinks at least four times per month, averaging seven drinks per session. At our drug rehab center near Oregon Drug Rehab Center near Oregon City therapy sessionCity, you receive an evaluation of your medical and emotional state. Then, we refer you to an appropriate medical detox program, which clears your body of toxins. Following this stage, you receive recovery success care at Crestview’s drug and alcohol rehab center. Here, you work with professional caregivers to get to the root of your alcohol abuse.

According to the NIAAA, only 25% of those completing a rehab program recover and manage to stay clean on their own. Another 10% learn to drink in moderation. Others need consistency and help to make it through the first 12 months following treatment. With our aftercare program, you are held accountable to the commitment you make to sobriety. Your family may be asked to participate in your recovery program. You receive the tools you need to make healthy decisions.

Heroin Addiction Treatment

In our drug addiction treatment center near Oregon City, Oregon, you can break the chains that bind you to your heroin substance abuse. The heroin treatment program is designed to improve your psychological and physical wellbeing as well as reduce your chances of contracting an infectious disease. Re-enter life with the confidence that you can work and be productive without reverting to heroin use. Our counselors understand that there’s no one size fits all program that works for everyone. That’s why we listen and help you stay committed to your recovery. At Crestview Recovery, we include wisdom from the 12-step recovery method, social approaches, appropriate medication, and individual therapy program and group therapy program to help you develop coping mechanisms.

Prescription Drugs Addiction Treatment

Perhaps you originally followed your doctor’s advice to take prescription drugs to manage pain or illness. Now, you may find that you’re having difficulty giving them up. We can help you find an addiction treatment center near Oregon City, Oregon with an effective treatment plan to wean you off prescription drugs. You or your loved one can select from an array of treatment paths. These focus on developing getting confidence and control of your life back. You will meet other people struggling with similar issues, who want to learn and grow with you and support one another. Clients also have access to aftercare support.

Meth Addiction Treatment

If you or a loved one are struggling with meth addiction, there may be a lot of questions swirling through your mind, including:

  • What is the drug treatment program like?
  • What’s the success rate after the program?
  • How can you (or someone you love) maintain sobriety and kick the habit for good?

For those addicted to methamphetamines, it’s not always possible to just give up taking the drug immediately. Along with physical discomfort, this extreme method can lead to anxiety, depression, and mood swings. Fortunately, group and individual therapy can provide deep insights into how to recover your life without relying on meth.

Drug Rehab Center Near Oregon City

Crestview is the drug addiction treatment center of choice for thousands of successful program graduates. Come to us when you need help giving up alcohol, drug, and other addictions that have taken over your life. Let us help you find the path to recovery and stay true to the journey. Call us at 866.262.0531 to learn more about our drug addiction treatment center near Oregon City, Oregon.