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When it comes to drug abuse, few drugs have a higher abuse rate than prescription drugs. Teens and adults alike abuse these drugs for a number of reasons. Getting prescription drug abuse help is an important step in overcoming addiction. Before people can seek help, however, they should know more about this growing problem.

Some People Need Prescription Drug Abuse Help and Don’t Even Know It

Prescription medication may take you to prescription drug abuse help.Why do people of all ages abuse prescription drugs? The main reason is that the drugs are easy for them to get. Many doctors overprescribe drugs to handle symptoms instead of treating the problem. The end result is a nation full of people who use prescriptions on a regular basis.

However, some people don’t know that they have a drug use problem. They think that because they get the drugs from their doctors, the medicines are perfectly safe to take. In truth, it’s easy for people to develop drug abuse problems with just one round of prescription drugs.

Prescription Drug Abuse Is a Growing Problem for Teens

Prescription drug misuse is a public health concern for everyone. However, one big problem is the fact that teens get into using prescription drugs. Abusing drugs during adolescence can lead to problems later in life, including addiction, overdose or even death.

Studies show that after alcohol and marijuana, prescription drugs are the drugs of choice for teens. Teens take drugs for many reasons, including:

  • Getting high
  • Numbing or stopping pain
  • Believing the drugs can help them focus on school work and studies
  • Dealing with emotional and psychological stress

In most cases, teens don’t get prescription drugs from doctors. Instead, they steal drugs from their parents or get them from friends. In other cases, they buy drugs on the street.

Studies also show that boys and girls typically use prescription drugs for different reasons. Boys tend to use them to get high. Girls, on the other hand, often want to lose weight. In either case, prescription drug abuse help is a must.

How Do People Misuse Prescription Drugs?

There are a few ways that people can misuse or abuse prescription drugs. It’s important for others to know some of these methods to recognize when users need prescription drug abuse help.

When people take a prescription drug that isn’t theirs, they misuse prescription drugs. Even if they take the drugs for their intended purpose, taking someone else’s drugs is an abuse of that drug. For example, let’s say that someone takes a friend’s prescription painkillers to treat pain. While the drugs are for pain, the doctor didn’t prescribe them to that individual, which is a misuse of that drug.

When people take medication in ways other than how a doctor prescribes, they misuse prescription drugs. Even if the prescription drugs belong to them, they need to follow their doctors’ instructions. Taking too much of a drug, taking the drug too often or crushing the drug are forms of misuse.

Let Crestview Recovery Help You With Prescription Drug Abuse

Turn to Crestview Recovery for prescription drug abuse help. No matter which prescription drug that you abuse, we can help you overcome your addiction. We offer a range of treatment programs, including OxyContin addiction treatment. Some other programs that we offer include:

We also offer individual and group therapy. These programs help you get to the root cause of addiction. Dealing with it is one of the best ways to avoid relapse after treatment.

Don’t let prescription drugs ruin your life. Reach out to Crestview Recovery today for prescription drug abuse help. Call us at 866.262.0531 for more information.