Going to a drug rehab center near Beaverton will change your life forever whether you know that you have a substance problem or you are just starting to come to terms with it, getting the help that you need to stay sober. Even if you are at the worst of your worst, there are people out there that care and understand. Do something good for yourself and get to a drug addiction treatment center near Beaverton, Oregon where you will be able to grow and learn to live the sober life that you deserve.

What is Addiction?

As they say in AA, “addiction is cunning, baffling, and powerful.” You will be doing things that make no sense to you; you won’t understand why, and yet you cannot stop. People used to believe that addiction was a moral problem, that there was something wrong with you if you fall prey to it. That is drug rehab center near beavertonnot the case; however, addiction can happen to anyone, from any walk of life.

Addiction comes down to your brain chemistry, and no we are not talking about an egg in a frying pan. When you start taking drugs, you stimulate the reward center of your brain. That makes you feel good. So, you keep taking them thinking that there is little harm to the action, especially compared to how good it makes you feel. As time goes by, your brain cells get used to having the chemical present, and they build up a tolerance to it.

When you build up a tolerance, you need more and more to get the same feeling again. And your brain begins to think that you need the substance to survive. This is when you start to believe that obtaining a substance is more important than food or water. Here is how the cycle of addiction gets started:

  • You Use To Feel Better
  • You Build Up A Tolerance
  • Your Body Thinks You Need The Substance To Survive
  • You Begin To Prioritize Using Over Other Things
  • You No Longer Have Control Over Your Drive To Use

Again, “addiction is cunning, baffling, and powerful.” For most people, it is going to take a helping hand to get over their substance use. Get help while you still can. Don’t let substances run your life anymore.

What To Expect From a Drug Rehab Center Near Beaverton

When you first arrive at an Oregon addiction treatment center, you will first be welcomed with big open arms! From here you will be shown around, your luggage will be checked to be sure there is nothing in it that you should not have and once you have detoxed, you will start in your program. During your stay, you will have the chance to participate in many different types of therapy and learning experiences. Here are some that you can look forward to:

You will be exposed to all these types of therapy in your treatment with the hopes of finding things that work for you at our drug addiction treatment center near Beaverton. As you find different types of treatment that you gravitate to, you will begin to come up with a long term game plan that is called your aftercare plan. Your aftercare plan will be your road map to staying sober after you leave the facility that you have chosen.

Contacting a Drug Rehab Center in Oregon

If you have decided to get off of the substances and help yourself to live the life that you deserve give Crestview Recovery a call at 866.262.0531. Our drug rehab center near Beaverton has a range of services that can help you get through your addiction and on the path to a much better life.