When it comes to dangerous drugs, the more that people know, the better. In fact, many people who try drugs for the first time don’t know the serious consequences they present. One such drug is crack cocaine. This extremely addictive drug requires a crack cocaine addiction rehab program to overcome.

What’s the Difference Between Cocaine and Crack Cocaine?

woman speaks in group at crack cocaine addiction rehab programBefore getting into the importance of finding a crack cocaine addiction rehab program, it’s important to learn more about this drug. The most important facts are the differences between cocaine and crack cocaine.

First, cocaine is a white powder. People make it from the dry leaves of coca plants in South America. Most of the time, users snort the powder to get a quick and intense high.

Crack cocaine is a solid, rock-like form of the drug. To make it, people cook baking soda and cocaine together. This process creates crystals that break into small pieces or rocks.

Unlike cocaine powder, people have to smoke crack cocaine. In fact, this drug gets its name from the crackling sound that it makes as it heats up. Regardless of the form that people use, cocaine is a very addictive and dangerous drug.

Legal Use of Cocaine

There was a time when cocaine was legal to use. In 1891, for instance, The Coca-Cola Company used about 9 milligrams of the drug in its Coca-Cola soft drink. To put it into prescriptive, a line or typical dose of cocaine usually contains 50 to 75 milligrams.

Some psychologists even gave cocaine to their clients. The founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, famously gave his clients the drug. He eventually stopped but kept taking the drug himself for several years.

By 1903, The Coca-Cola Company stopped using cocaine in its soda. The government officially made the drug illegal just three years later.

Why Entering a Crack Cocaine Addiction Rehab Program Is Important

In general, cocaine is extremely addictive and fairly easy for people to overdose on. If they don’t get help for cocaine addiction at an early stage, there’s a chance that the drug could be fatal.

In fact, actor John Belushi had a cocaine problem for many years. His favorite game to play at parties was cocaine chicken. It involves snorting lines of cocaine as fast as possible. His addiction to cocaine led to his death at the early age of 33.

Actors Who Struggle With Crack and Cocaine Addiction

For many years, people said that cocaine was nothing more than a rich people’s addiction. This reputation came about because so many actors had a problem with cocaine abuse, including:

  • Tim Allen
  • Ike Turner
  • Whitney Houston
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Kate Moss

Unfortunately, crack cocaine opened the door for more people to try the substance. Since they mix baking soda with cocaine to make it, crack cocaine is cheaper than cocaine powder. However, smoking it is even more addictive than snorting it.

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