Whether you live in Oregon or elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest, you’ll find plenty of rehab options within the region. Choosing an addiction treatment program, however, can feel overwhelming. There are many choices available, but the quality of care isn’t always the same. Take a closer look at what makes a drug rehab great and how to find the right fit in Oregon:

Variety of Oregon Drug Rehab Programs Available

Oregon Drug RehabNo two individuals are the same, and no two people will need the exact same type of program. That’s why so many of the best drug rehab centers offer a wide range of program types.

Many people don’t need or want the 24/7 environment. For these individuals, having the option to spend time with family and loved ones each night is perfect. Fortunately, there are partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs, and outpatient programs to choose from. Lots of choices mean it is easier to find the right fit for every lifestyle.

Amenity Programs

Excellent drug rehab starts with an evidence-based approach to recovery. However, rehab isn’t entirely clinical. Adding in amenities, fun outings, and social activities can improve the experience and showcase that a sober life can be fun. In fact, some of the best success stories are sparked by fun reprieve from the daily challenge of working to overcome addiction.

When it comes to people struggling with addiction—especially those who are also dealing with mental health issues—it’s important to remember that life isn’t just a series of obstacles and hardships. Rehabilitation is a time for empowerment, self-improvement, and rebranding oneself. All individuals deserve a second chance at life—and amenities, outings, and social activities can help them achieve a lifeline back to the real world.

When searching for the perfect Oregon drug rehab, consider what types of amenities are available. Look for onsite facilities and a community-oriented facility. Also, find out whether there are offsite activities available. Trips to go snowboarding, skiing or white-water rafting can bring joy, thrills, and fun to the everyday routine of recovery.

Ability to Treat a Range of Addiction Types

It’s critical that all clients get the specific care and treatment they need to overcome addiction. Unfortunately, not all drug rehab centers offer that option to incoming clients. As you browse through Oregon treatment facilities, pay attention to the types of addictions that they treat.

Staff may be well-trained in helping people overcome a heroin addiction, but that doesn’t mean they understand the nuances of cocaine withdrawal. Look for specifics and ensure that a rehab center can safely treat the drug addiction you’re struggling with. Drugs vary, so treatment programs need to vary to accommodate that fact.

Make sure drug rehab centers can supply evidence that they’ve helped other people just like you. Statistics about addiction recovery show that these types of programs are effective at helping clients overcome addiction. However, not all rehab centers make statistics available for the public to see.

Just because a facility isn’t transparent doesn’t mean it has anything to hide. Drug rehab centers may have very valid concerns about keeping their data confidential, or the facility may not have searchable posts on social media. Remember, however, that such information helps in the decision-making process when searching for an addiction treatment center to help you overcome addiction.

Evidence-Based Treatment Methods

The foundation of any drug rehab program is the treatment itself. Evidence-based treatment means that the programs use tested, proven, and effective strategies to aid in recovery. Often, this starts by digging deeper and exploring the root causes of addiction.

Sometimes, that means addressing the issue of dual diagnosis care. Mental health and addiction have close links, and many people will need mental health support or therapy during treatment. Addressing trauma or family relationships might also be necessary.

Clients should have access to group therapy as well as one-on-one therapy. They can also explore behavioral therapy, which can change negative patterns of behavior through practice. Gaining life skills also helps people find strength and success in the future.

Quality Drug Rehab in Portland, Oregon

At Crestview Recovery, clients can expect quality care and a wide range of treatment programs. Whether in a partial hospitalization program or outpatient care, there’s a full continuum of support and treatment. Just some available addiction therapies include the following:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Holistic therapy
  • 12-Step programs
  • Trauma therapy

To overcome drug and alcohol dependence, inpatient drug rehab in Portland, Oregon may be the answer. At Crestview Recovery, you can learn to fight back against addiction. Call 866.262.0531 and experience the sober life you most definitely deserve.